5 Powerful Spiritual Practices You Can Begin in Drug Rehab

5 Powerful Spiritual Practices You Can Begin in Rehab


Mindfulness at Sunset Pacific Coast of Panama

Spiritual practices are tools designed to help you grow and develop as a human. By using these approaches in recovery, it will strengthen your sobriety and provide you with a path to happiness. Here are 5 powerful spiritual practices that you will start to develop during your time in rehab.

Letting Go

Letting go means no longer carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. All you are expected to do is get up each day and try your best – if you plant enough positive karma seeds, they will ripen into something wonderful in your future. Your life is going to be far less stressful if you can let go of expectations and stop trying to micromanage the universe. Just focus on what you can change and trust the universe to take care of everything else. Read more about letting go here.


Mindfulness allows us to experience the delight of touching life deeply and authentically. It gives us a way through suffering to joy. ~ Andrew Weiss (Beginning Mindfulness)

Most of us experience life through a fog, and a lot of our behavior is a result of habit energy. We can be so caught up in thoughts about the past and future that we completely miss what is happening right now. When we do try to focus on the present moment, we can be so full of judgments and opinions that we don’t see things clearly at all. Our resistance to what is happening right now also means we suffer far more than we need to. Mindfulness is when we experience the present moment without judgments and resistance – it is the path to happiness.


Where humility had formerly stood for a forced feeding on humble pie, it now begins to mean the nourishing ingredient which can give us serenity. ~ Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous

Humility means that we have become teachable. Instead of using arrogance to protect our low self-esteem, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable. We do this because we understand that we can only experience happiness in life to the extent that we are willing to risk being hurt.


If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. ~ Dali Lama

A good measure of your progress in sobriety is the amount of compassion you have developed for yourself and other people. Compassion is a type of acceptance. It is not about loving other people because they are perfect – it’s about loving people, warts and all. Self-compassion means you are willing to offer yourself the same level of comfort as you would give to a good friend.


Service is one of the most effective spiritual tools for strengthening your sobriety because it requires both compassion and humility. One of the magical things about helping other people is it moves you away from an obsession with self. One of the benefits of joining a 12-step group is it means you are going to have plenty of opportunity for service. Doing this type of voluntary work also boosts your self-esteem and it is a way for you to give something back.

Choosing a Drug Rehab based on Spiritual (not religious) Principles

You may choose a faith or religious based drug rehab if it fits with your values. Many people do find a recovery home within their chosen religion. If you are not sure about organized religion, a drug rehab addiction treatment facility like Serenity Vista gives you lots of room to explore what spirituality means for you. Serenity Vista respects and embraces all forms of religion and spirituality – practitioner the principle of “God as you understand Him/Her/It/Them”, as found in the 12 Step philosophy. Learn about Serenity Vista’s Spiritual Sessions here.



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