Active Alcoholism – Where Will It Take You?

Active Alcoholism Heads For 3 Destinations

Today we know a lot about alcoholism and other forms of addictions. Although some aspects about the disease remain a mystery, we do know this for sure:  alcoholism is chronic, progressive and left untreated, ultimately fatal.

untreated-alcoholism-jails-institutions-deathListening to the various stories of thousands of alcoholics, there are definitely some differences in the manifestation of the disease. Many alcoholics report taking their first drink at a very young age – as young as 5, and going back for more as soon as they could. Their active alcoholism began during an age of single digits, and they never really stopped drinking from then – unless they found sobriety. From there they often describe a fast journey into chaos, drinking whenever they could, with all of the accompanying dire consequences. Hearing these types of stories, it seems really clear that these people were alcoholic from the get go.  Click here to learn more about young people and drinking.

There is another somewhat common story, more often than not female. These women describe that in their early lives,  they really cared  little for alcohol. They may occasionally have had a drink at appropriate occasions. These women lived completely ‘normal’ lives, raising children, working, being a wife, keeping a home.  Then something happens. Usually it is a combination of factors. The children leave and perhaps their spouse dies or there is a divorce. The women start to have a drink in the evening to cope with sleepless nights and stress. They are astonished to see that in very little time, months to a few years, they are full-blown alcoholics. These are two extremes, and there is every variation on the spectrum in-between. Click here to learn more about women and alcoholism.

What all these people have in common is the disease of alcoholism, and as stated above, it is chronic, progressive, and ultimately fatal. For one inexperienced in alcoholism, this may be hard to believe. But believe it. It is borne out by the millions of examples and testimonies of the afflicted and their loved ones.

When Alcoholism is Left Untreated or When the Alcoholic Keeps Drinking

If you are ever sitting in the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous (the experts on alcoholism) you will eventually hear this – “there are three places an active alcoholic can go;  jails, institutions or death.” If you stay in the rooms of AA long enough, you will meet people who have or will, experience all three.

You will likely not have to hang around the rooms of AA very long, before having the opportunity to attend funerals of people you have grown very fond of – that relapsed. Or you may be taking a meeting into the prison or hospital and see a familiar face from the rooms. You will start to recognize people in the newspapers who you haven’t seen in the rooms lately. They show up in the obituaries or most wanted.

There is another path to take, from active alcoholism to joy and life

So, locked up or covered up – jails, institutions or death. But it does not have to be this way. In the rooms of AA and 12 Step based rehab centers you find out there is a choice to be made. The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous puts it like this: the gates of insanity and death OR life on a spiritual basis. What was our choice to be? Jails, institutions and death OR happy, joyous and free. It seems unbelievable, but true, most alcoholics choose to carry on until the bitter end. If you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of alcoholism, give yourself the very best chance you can. Find out more about arresting the disease of alcoholism. Choose an alcoholic addiction center that is right for you. Private pay drug rehab offers the best choice around the world. Serenity Vista Recovery Retreat in Panama will help you carry out your decision of life. Click here to begin your journey to a new sober life that is happy, joyous and free!


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