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Hope and Help in the Midst of Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation

The art of finding addiction recovery hope when searching for a drug rehab center while struggling to overcome substance abuse and behavioral health matters relating to drug addiction

It is so often the case that we hear, and even feel, that overwhelming sense of hopelessness and despair in a person’s voice.  Be it the addict themselves or a heartbroken loved one, that desperation brought on through substance abuse or alcoholism carries with it a tone that reverberates at a soulful level.  Whether he or she is inquiring about residential treatment, detox, intervention or anything of the like, that common denominator of hopelessness is a heartbreaking scenario by any measure.

Like anything else of great importance in life, the process of finding help for the suffering addict is such that it merits stopping most everything, if not everything altogether!  After all, when drugs or alcohol are singlehandedly tearing everything apart in your life, what type of logic could possibly claim any other point of view?  And yet, there often exists that mysterious inner conflict which rears its ugly head just as the prospect of hope and sobriety begin to emerge.  It’s almost as if you’re driving 1,000 miles to a given destination and just as you approach it, in the near horizon, a mere 3 or 4 miles away, you decide to turn the car around because of a sporadic realization that you forgot to turn off the bathroom light prior to leaving the house.

When hope triumphs over drug addiction

The despair of alcoholism and addiction can transform to the hope of recovery in drug rehab

The despair of alcoholism and addiction can transform to the hope, joy & serenity of recovery in drug rehab at Serenity Vista in tropical paradise

The previous analogy may sound outlandish, but in fact it’s not.  When the idea of entering a drug rehab center turns from a distant thought into a realistic plan, and when hopelessness becomes overshadowed by promise and success in recovery, those all-too-mysterious traits of hesitancy and procrastination are soon to follow.  But why?  Why would someone of sound mind turn toward such senseless thoughts when the prospect of freedom from addiction is so near?  One moment a life hangs in jeopardy and the next, while at a life-changing crossroads, the addict mind takes over and opts to return to that which brought about such emotional devastation to begin with.

Focus in the face of COVID-19

Social media and the news is focused on the mitigation and control of COVID-19. This is a world health crisis worthy of diligent focus, health measures, and aggresive efforts to prevent and treat. But don’t loose sight of the equal, if not greater, ever present impact of alcoholism and other forms of addiction.  Every year, over 88,000 people die in America as a direct result of alcohol use. Add drug overdoses, tobacco-related, and other drug related fatalities, and addiction continues to have much greater impact. And alcohol use increases the risk from coronavirus infection as does other forms of drug abuse, smoking and vaping.

Many people are suffering from substance use disorder (alcoholism, drug addiction, other forms of addiction) during this time when addiction treatment resources are reduced and travel restrictions may limit the ability to access appropriate treatment.

Don’t lose sight of what your needs are for help. COVID-19, while serious and worthy of epidemiological vigilence, is temporary, and WILL pass. Your addiction will not. Addiction is cunning, baffling, and powerful. It will outlast any infectious disease or panademic. In fact it will THRIVE.

This is your time to research treatment options and give your addiction the attention it requires. You deserve to be healthy and whole.

Prioritizing treatment and regaining your life

We all understand the complexity of busy lifestyles and responsibilities.  We know the difficulties an adult faces when having to choose between entering a treatment program and caring for their loved ones or maintaining a career.  When a busy executive needs to place corporate finance on temporary hold while he or she enters a treatment program, it can seem like a questionable decision at the time.  Addicts and alcoholics are faced with skewed realities while in their active addiction, though many common excuses do hold some element of merit.  At the end of the day however, when does hope outweigh a fear of the unknown?  When does desperation outweigh false justification?

We have found that when an addict is ready to embark upon the path of sobriety, he or she will nearly always find a way.  Whether it means a brief 30-day residential drug rehab or a more robust and comprehensive 45 to 90 day program, they will utilize the help of their loved ones during this time of absolute necessity.  They will harness the gifts of family, friends and colleagues in these desperate times.

No matter the complexities you may face in the course of entering and successfully completing treatment, there is a solution!  Hope is at your doorstep and success is just around the corner…  Embrace the unknown and bid a fond farewell to a life riddled with pain and sorrow!

Find Addiction Recovery Hope at Serenity Vista

We understand the hopelessness and despair of alcoholism and other drug addiction at Serenity Vista. Our passion and mission is to offer hope and health to those affected by the disease of addiction. We care and will help you if you want help. If you want your life to change, to transform in body, mind and spirit, to be filled with the hope of renewal and restoration, we will help you. It starts with reaching out for help, and taking the leap of faith to accept the help. World class effective rehab offers you that help at tremendous value.

If you want help, and are done with being ‘sick and tired of being sick and tired’, contact us . You could be here within weeks! Make your intial contact NOW. We will coach your through your process of getting the world’s most individualized and effective holistic treatment.

Serenity Vista offers comprehensive holistic healing and 12 step recovery that will restore hope and change your life. A hopeful life of addiction recovery filled with peace, joy and serenity is indeed possible!  Make your commitment today.

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