Affordable Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Alternatives

Affordable Luxury Drug Rehab Treatment Alternatives

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With so many prominent addiction and alcoholism treatment centers charging upwards of 30 to 50 thousand dollars per month, most prominently in areas like California, Florida, Texas, New York, Colorado and Arizona, there seems to be a dramatic shortage of lower costing affordable drug rehab centers for those struggling with the financial means to pay for treatment. There’s no question that a luxury facility offers some wonderful ancillary components to the recovery process, however, in terms of core rehabilitation services for those struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, it is important to keep first things first and prioritize clinical services for those of whom cost is a primary hurdle.

Serenity Vista Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama seems to attract folks seeking help from all over the world. Ironically, many of our clients come to us from those same few higher-priced regions; California, Florida, Texas, New York, Colorado & Arizona. It seems that with the recent economic downturn there has been an ever-growing trend in increased drug & alcohol abuse, and likewise, an increased percentage of those with the inability to pay the high costs associated with traditional residential drug and alcohol treatment.

At Serenity Vista we believe in the ability to provide effective treatment at an affordable cost. Moreover, we believe that comforts and amenities should not be limited solely to those with the financial means. After all, the process of early recovery can be difficult at times, and the augment of physical comforts will often times help to bring about a willingness to make the core internal changes required.

The cost for residential treatment at Serenity Vista of Boquete, Panama is set at a fraction of comparable quality programs in the US and Canada. Our total client capacity remains at only 8 residents in order to best ensure a low client to staff ratio. For more information please contact us 7 days a week at (786) 245-4067.


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