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Many people do not realize the fact that cigarette smoking and/or use of other tobacco-related products are among the most difficult addictions to shake from one’s life. We hear variations of minimizing comments all the time; “I always smoke when I drink coffee,” or “I count the minutes at work until break so that I can satisfy the undying need to smoke a cigarette” and so on…

In actual fact, nicotine addiction is one of the most powerful addictions. It has been said by people of all walks, including heroin addicts, crack addicts and so on, that quitting smoking is the single toughest addiction they’ve ever faced throughout their lives!

The smoking cessation rehab program at Serenity Vista Private Addiction Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama is truly unlike any other. We take a holistic, whole-life approach to helping those who are ready to totally give up use of tobacco products. We target not just on physical addiction, but more importantly, we focus on the whole person affected by addiction. This includes all aspects of body, mind, and spirit.

Serenity Vista provides a very affordable, luxury-type residential treatment environment for those ready to lead a life free of all addiction, including tobacco and smoking. We help you through not only the physical addiction, but simultaneously move into unraveling the emotional connection and begin building new healthy pathways of learning to experience life without the need to smoke. From therapy to social situations to learning how to have fun and feel free from the need to smoke, there is much to see and learn about the smoking cessation program we offer! This is much more than a quick-fix, this is a life-changing decision that will affect the client and his or her loved ones indefinitely!

Consider the Serenity Vista Smoking Cessation Program. View much more about Serenity Vista’s stop smoking program here.

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