Australia Alcoholism Costs $36 Billion Each Year

Australia Alcoholism Costs $36 Billion Each Year

What can I do about Australia alcoholism? Alcohol has been a very widely consumed substance in Australia for hundreds of years. In fact, some convict labor was paid with rum, which led to all kinds of violence and problems (even a rebellion!). But though some Australians might think that binge drinking is fun, the truth is that it brings tremendous harm on Australians and the country of Australia in general. In fact, new research has shown that alcohol abuse costs the Australian economy more than $36 billion. And the number will only grow unless something is done about the ways that teens are pressured into drinking too much. Click here to learn more about how to fight alcoholism.

Australia Alcoholism Costs $36 Billion Each YearOut of Control Australia Alcoholism

How bad is the alcoholism situation in Australia? Australian newspaper The Age reports, “Police and doctors groups say a report showing the massive human toll, and $36 billion annual cost, from alcohol misuse is a wake-up call for government and the Australian community.” They continue write that an “estimated 70,000 Australians would become a victim of an alcohol-related assault this year and 24,000 of these were victims of domestic violence.” That’s a lot of victims. And the violence level in Australia would no doubt fall if the level of alcoholism fell. “There would also be 20,000 children across Australia who would become victims of substantiated alcohol-related child abuse,” according to The Age. Click here to learn more about Australia and alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Pushed on Teens

How does alcoholism start in Australia? One young Australian wrote, “We have created a culture where young people who do not get drunk and party hard on a regular basis are considered abnormal. How do I know this? I’m a 19-year-old who regularly sees my peers getting drunk and viewing it as some sort of rite of passage.” Unfortunately, binge drinking is seen as normal for all too many teens. That’s why good alcoholism rehab for alcohol treatment is so important.

How to Treat Australia Alcoholism?

Where can I go for alcohol rehab for Australia? Serenity Vista is your getaway travel destination for alcohol and drug rehab. Located in the beautiful Caribbean paradise of Panama, Serenity Vista can help you get away from the toxic pressures toward binge drinking. Click here to learn more about what makes Serenity Vista such a good option for Australia alcohol rehab.

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