California: Leading The Prescription Drug Epidemic?

California: Leading The Prescription Drug Epidemic?

California: Leading The Prescription Drug Epidemic?

What can I do if someone I love is abusing prescription drugs? Prescription drug abuse is quickly becoming one of the biggest health crises in the United States or Canada. But did you know how much prescription drugs are impacting the state of California? The rising tide of addiction and abuse has led to huge implications for public health in California. Now, drug overdose deaths are reaching record highs, like many other states are also experiencing. But these troubling statistics shouldn’t make you despair. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction to prescription pills, there is help available. Click here to learn more about prescription drug abuse across the United States.

Prescription Drugs the Leading Cause of Emergency Room Visits in LA

There are a number of alarming statistics that show just how dangerous prescription drug abuse has become in California. For example, 1 in 4 high school seniors reported having abused prescription drugs. Nationwide, prescription pills (often painkillers like Percocet, OxyContin, or Vicodin) are the second most widely used category of illicit drugs, beaten only by marijuana. But if their increases in popularity keeps up at the pace it’s been going, soon they’ll be even more popular than pot. And they’re far more dangerous: it’s now the number  one reason for emergency room visits, and also a leading cause of death. Click here to learn more about California’s problem with prescription drugs.

Prescription Lull You Into a False Sense of Security

Why are prescription drugs so deadly? It probably has to do with how people get them. These prescription pills come from doctors and pharmacies, and so people tend to assume that they’re safer than illegal drugs. But that assumption can prove deadly, especially if the user combines prescription pills with other drugs, which is quite common. The illusion of safety actually masks the deadly nature of prescription pill abuse.

California Drug Rehab in the Caribbean

Where can my loved one go for California prescription drug rehab? Serenity Vista is your California rehab choice, located only a short flight away. In our luxury rehab center in the Caribbean paradise of Panama, you can enjoy luxury amenities while receiving the highest quality care. And when you book a three-month stay, we’ll pay for your plane ticket! Up to $1,000 worth. Click here to learn more about how Serenity Vista is such a good choice for California rehab.

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