Cash Pay for Rehab Abroad

Cash Pay for Rehab Abroad

You Have Choices

Cash Pay Rehab Abroad

You may get a surprise when you learn the options for treating your alcoholism or other forms of substance abuse. Over the past year in the United States of America (USA), especially in New York, California and Florida, a lot of rehabs are in the news. Addiction treatment in America overall is under scrutiny as the opiod addiction crisis continues to make headlines. And it is not good news. North American alcohol and drug treatment centers are in the middle of a massive amount of change. Changes in government and funding for addiction treatment, dishonest rehab owners, BIG REHAB CONGLOMERATES, and the current opiate crisis have the industry in complete chaos.

Get Away From it All – Overseas

Think outside of the box – you usually do, right? No one can stay an active alcoholic without having a great ability to get around ‘normal’. You can bypass your:

  • Employer,
  • HR Department,
  • Health Care Provider,
  • Insurance Agency,
  • “Well-meaning” Family,
  • Government…

Stigma or not, your recovery is your business. There is a big difference between secrecy and privacy. Getting help for your alcohol or drug addiction is your private matter. It’s about your personal health.

Travel Adventure

There are a few places in the world that are offering a different kind of high quality addiction treatment. Are you ready to prepare for a leap of faith into your recovery – in your own style? There are some great places you could travel for luxury treatment. Thailand, South Africa & Byron Bay in Australia have excellent programs. Or you could:

Stay in the Americas

Panama is a great option for cash pay rehab abroad. Travel to the international hub of Panama is easy. You can get by in English, the currency is the US Dollar, and the Panamanian people are warm and humble. Or maybe you already have a connection to Panama and would love to return.

Cash pay Rehab in Panama

Serenity Vista offers a different choice, a private, holistic program of body, mind spirit. A non-clinical setting to say the least! Tropical spring-like weather, exotic fruits, flowers and loving, empathetic and professional people to help you on your journey.

Owned and operated by Canadians, with North American professional staff, offering world class, evidence-based addiction therapies.

And the beautiful, loving chocolate Labrador retriever, Ceiba, is ready to greet you!

Are You Ready For:

Now is the Time

It never gets any easier. Now is the time, tomorrow might be too late. Cliche? Well, look at the death statistics. Give us a call, send an email, fill out a form, get in touch with us to find out when you can start.

Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat

Your tropical oasis for recovery abroad. Cash pay, private pay, self-pay – they all mean the same thing. It means you choose where to start your treatment.

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