Celebrity Rehab: What Celebrities Teach Us About Addiction

Celebrity Rehab: What Celebrities Teach Us About Addiction

What can famous people teach us about the power of addiction and the power of rehab? You’ve heard the stories. Celebrities entering rehab for round after round of treatment, after experiencing addiction time and time again. Not only that, but the recent deaths of high profile celebrities can have us questioning the effectiveness of rehab. It seems like many celebrities struggle with an addiction to illegal drugs such as cocaine, meth, or marijuana, or the abuse of alcohol or prescription medications such as Percocet, Vicodin, or OxyContin. But think of it this simple way: the stresses and rigors of the celebrity life and fame can often be enough to drive somebody into drug or alcohol abuse—combine that with easy access, disposable income, and certain predisposing characteristics such as high intelligence or creativity, and you can have a recipe for addiction. So when the celebrities check into rehab, are they truly helped by the treatment they get there? Click here to learn more about to learn more about international rehab, which many celebrities choose.

Celebrities and Drug Rehab

Celebrity Rehab: What Celebrities Teach Us About Addiction

Celebrities entering rehab is a story you’ve seen time and time again. And it’s come up in some recent high profile cases. Robin Williams was well known as a celebrity who sought refuge in rehab in order to help him with an addiction to cocaine and alcohol. He was clean and sober for many years, and recently returned for only a very short stay fearing he was at risk of relapse. But he was recently found having committed suicide in his home in California. Or, think of the high-profile case of Philip Seymour Hoffman, who had been in and out of rehab only to be found dead of an overdose in his New York apartment. If we can learn anything from these sad and tragic deaths, it’s that addiction is a powerful foe, and requires intensive, individualized rehab treatment of sufficient duration and quality. And make no mistake, it truly is. But you should also keep in mind that drug treatment works and helps many people, including celebrities. Click here to learn more about Robin Williams and his journey through rehab.

Celebrity Rehab—Does It Work? Will it Work for Me?

Does rehab help celebrities? A rehab center is by far the best option to fight the drug addiction that threatens to endanger your life. So if you’re struggling with addiction just like celebrities do, don’t hesitate to seek help. The answer to the question “is drug rehab effective?” is unquestionably yes. Studies have shown time and time again that rehab is the best way to overcome drug addiction. But the fight doesn’t end with rehab. That’s why aftercare planning with a solid recovery plan can be so important. It’s important to plan out how you confront temptation and deal with both the successes and stresses of life after you leave the rehab center. Not only that, but being strategic about the kind of rehab you choose can have enormous benefit. For example, a long-term program of rehab is much more effective at preventing relapse than a short term stay. Studies show that a 90 day stay at a rehab center can reduce the risk for relapse by up to 73%.

Where Can I Get Celebrity-Quality Drug Rehab?

Where can I go for drug rehab treatment that’s as high quality as the drug addiction treatment celebrities receive? When you’re looking for the highest quality drug rehab center, come to Serenity Vista first! We offer you the highest quality in drug rehab, and a much greater value than rehab clinics in the United States or Canada. In fact, our rehab, which has been used by celebrities, is such a good value that our luxury rehab is roughly a third the price of just basic rehab in the US or Canada!


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