Change in Recovery

Change in Recovery

Change in Recovery

Often the frequency and intensity of change makes life unbearable. We can often medicate that overwhelming feeling using drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors as a way of turning away from facing life on life’s terms or change. The problem with turning away is change is still there. In fact, the more we attempted to medicate away change the more it ramps up its intensity to let us know it is not going away. Change is ferocious when we turn our back on it until we stop, and say no more.

More than just stopping addictive substances or behaviors

Recovery requires more than facing our physical addiction to alcohol, drug or behavior. It requires us to also deal with how we manage life and the changes that inevitably occur during and after the recovery process. Learning to deal with and manage change helps to keep the internal and external pressures that change creates from becoming a trigger for a relapse.

The Process of Recovery is one of Change

Recovery is a big change. In fact, change is what recovery is all about. A common expression heard in twelve step recovery rooms is that “there is only one thing that needs to change in recovery; and that one this is everything!” Another is “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. It only stands to reason that, if someone were to stop using alcohol or other drugs but not change any emotional, thought or behavior patterns, and resume living life with the same patterns as before, it is inevitable that doing the ‘same old’ will result in the ‘same old’.

Change Management

That is why at Serenity Vista we work to help you manage all of the many changes you are experiencing now, and in the future. We understand the importance of managing change and have incorporated a change management program into the recovery process. We are committed to your complete recovery and want to provide you with a tested process and all of the tools necessary to successfully manage all the change you must face in returning to a productive life filled with meaning and purpose.

Preparing You for Long Term Success

Our integrated program on change management is directed by Merl Will-Wallace MA, who has spent over 20 years helping individuals to understand how to manage change. He is the author of the book Awakening in Change.

When you choose an addiction recovery program, make sure it is going to provide all the tools you will need to maximize your transition to a successful, lasting new life. Choose Serenity Vista.

Merl Will-Wallace

Merl Will-Wallace, MA








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