Choosing the Best Private Pay Drug Rehab For You

Different Types of Addiction Treatment Centers

Best private pay drug rehab Serenity Vista

There are many types of drug rehab alcohol treatment centers in the world to choose from. There are many state and provincially funded centers for those with limited financial resources.  More often than not these facilities have long wait lists and are crowded. Staff is often under-educated, underpaid and overworked – although surely well-intended. Your roommates may be coming from the penal system, and not really interested in getting clean and sober, but rather staying out of prison.  You can read more about government subsidized treatment here. Read on to learn about choosing the best private pay drug rehab for you.

Private Pay Drug Rehab

For people with any type of financial means, the clear choice is private pay drug rehab. There are many such facilities in the United States and Canada, and indeed, scattered around the world.  Some of the more well-known facilities in the world are in Panama, Thailand, Malibu, Arizona, Antigua, Bali, and Australia.

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What Should I Look For in the Best Private Pay Alcohol & Drug Rehab?

Many enterprises that are catering to a wealthy clientele do just that: they cater. You can find a facility that will satisfy your every whim and desire. You can have a valet in your private villa, stocked with your favorite food and personal chef. Need to do business? You can have all your electronic devices – business as usual. You can bring your pet.  You can even have your spouse come to stay over the weekend. If this sounds appealing to you as an alcoholic or addict – there is good reason!  The addict is always doing what it takes to get his/her own way. Manipulating situations and people are ways an alcoholic or drug addict attempts to control outcomes. It will not work! If every request you make of a potential rehab is answered with a “yes of course Sir/Madam”, be careful. They may be more interested in your bank account than your sobriety.

Excellence in best private pay alcohol treatment & drug rehab

An excellent private pay drug and alcohol rehab program will have your long-term best interest and sobriety at heart, not your checkbook.  Many individual requests may be denied, and for good reason.  In active addiction, the addict almost always considers themselves different than others, deserving of special privileges. In recovery we call that “terminal uniqueness”, feeling like the rules don’t apply to such a degree that the addict can never recover.  A good private pay drug rehab will not be afraid to say no to the addict.  Knowing that you cannot manipulate to get your way, and that the staff are more concerned about your life than your whims, is comforting beyond belief. Finally, the addict can relinquish the control that is holding him/her in bondage.

Choosing the Best Private Pay Alcohol & Drug Rehab

A professional, ethical and quality private pay drug rehab like Serenity Vista has found the balance between providing an excellent luxury facility without letting the guests run the program. You can rest assured when you make the choice to join the Serenity Vista team in Boquete, Panama, you will be getting the best rehab experience you can. Located in an amazing tropical location, you will be far from the troubles of home. Majestic mountain vistas, crystal blue Pacific waters and white sands, palm trees, monkeys and fresh exotic fruits make your stay resemble that of a resort, but with the guidelines you need to recover from addiction.

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Top Tropical Drug Rehab With High Ethics, Individual Attention, and Excellent Value

In fact, Serenity Visa in beautiful, tropical Panama has been rated as one of the top, “most beautiful addiction recovery tourism retreats” on earth!

‘Private’ at Serenity Vista, also refers to honoring your privacy. Serenity Vista keeps the maximum number of guests at 6, often 3 to 5. We have an extremely high professional staff : guest ratio, one of the highest in the world. This means you will quickly feel safe, understood, and helped on a deep, personal, highly individualized level.

Treatment Abroad for Drug Rehab

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