Cookies More Addicting Than Cocaine & Heroin?

Cookies More Addicting Than Cocaine & Heroin?

What can I do to recover from an eating disorder? Many people don’t think about it, but actually sugary foods
like cookies, cake, and doughnuts can be highly addictive. And now millions of people from the United States and Canada are struggling with eating disorders. And new research is pointing toward the possibility that these unhealthy foods are actually more addicting than illegal drugs like cocaine and heroin. And they’re much more widely available. According to the lead scientists, “Even though we associate significant health hazards in taking drugs like cocaine and morphine, high-fat/ high-sugar foods may present even more of a danger because of their accessibility and affordability.” Click here to learn more about how addiction impacts your health.

 Sugar Addiction and its Tragic Consequences

Cookies More Addicting Than Cocaine & Heroin?

Surprisingly, sugary or high-fat foods can actually impact brain chemistry. “Our research supports the theory that high-fat/high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do,” said one of the main authors of the research study. “It may explain why some people can’t resist these foods despite the fact that they know they are bad for them.” And when people find themselves unable to resist these delicious foods, they can find themselves with an eating disorder, unable to stop.

Overcoming an Eating Disorder

What can I do to overcome an eating disorder? Often it can be hard to manage eating disorders or addictions on your own. That’s why it’s so important to get the help you need, and the support that can help you overcome addiction and make your way to recovery. One of the best ways to get that help is to consider rehab. And though it may seem strange to check into rehab for eating disorders, this new research shows that food addiction is definitely not something to take lightly. In a rehab center, you can remove yourself from temptation and detox from unhealthy foods. Click here to learn more about the connection between food and drugs.

Effective Rehab in the Caribbean

Where can I go for effective rehab? Serenity Vista is a high-quality, high-value luxury rehab center in the Caribbean paradise of Panama. Here, in the beautiful sun and in a serene environment, you can overcome addictions and work on your recovery. And it’s an amazing deal, too—three months of our luxury rehab costs around the same price as one month of treatment in the US or Canada, and that’s compared to their basic rehab! Click here to learn more about our 90-day rehab program.

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