Drug Overdose—How Do I Protect Myself?

Drug Overdose—How Do I Protect Myself?

How do I stay safe from drug overdoses? If you’re like millions of people in the US or Canada who suffer from drug addiction, it can be very scary to contemplate the possibility of overdose. And, unfortunately, drug overdoses are quickly becoming one of the leading causes of accidental death in the United States. And most of the increase is coming from prescription pills, most notably the opiates or narcotic analgesic painkillers. Often prescription painkiller medications like Percocet, OxyContin, and Vicodin lull people into a false sense of security because they come from reputable sources like doctors and pharmacies. But this sense of safety can kill, especially when these drugs are combined—because drugs in combination and with alcohol are potentially deadly. Click here to learn more about prescription drug abuse.

Drug Overdose—How Do I Protect Myself?

Overdose Rates Are Rising

Why are overdoses increasing? Most of them are due to narcotic and other depressant prescription pill abuse. A scientific study has found that the rate of prescription drug deaths has exploded in the past decade, and now kills more people than heroin and cocaine combined. Prescription narcotic drugs are the second most abused class of drugs in America, second only to marijuana. In New York City alone, deaths from prescription drugs and related incidents increased by more than 700% in a 16-year period. Click here to learn more about prescription painkiller overdoses.

Prescription Pills Are Involved in Over Half of All Fatal Overdoses

In fact, prescription pills are so deadly that they’ve become the leading deadly class of drugs. The facts are in: more than half of all fatal overdoses are caused by prescription drugs. The death tolls are rising: in 2010, 38,329 people died of drug overdoses in the United States. Though substance-abuse experts have long cautioned against the extreme increase in prescription drug abuse, these numbers show the situation is even more bleak than many imagined. These numbers have been rising for 11 years, and are reaching epidemic levels. But if you have a drug problem that involves prescription medication, don’t despair. Drug rehab can help you make progress toward recovery, and protect yourself from drug overdose.

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