Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers with High Success

Drug Rehabs & Treatment Centers with High Success

If you scour the internet for drug rehabs and other types of addiction & alcoholism treatment centers you’ll notice countless places bragging about their enormously high success rates. You might see numbers as high as 70, 80 or even 90%. The million dollar question is, what is their definition of success, and how was it measured, and by what scientific rigor? Be wary of claims of treatment centers with high success.

Does a high success rate to them mean staying sober throughout the extent of their residential treatment program? Does it mean staying sober for a specified period of time following completion of their program? If so, who monitors it and how do they verify the accuracy? What if they cannot reach past program clients, do they count that as a success number or not?

The #1 issue with drug rehab centers claiming they have a high success rate is that each facility and each individual searching for a facility for themselves or a loved one likely has their own personal definition for “success rate.” The fact of the matter is that much of it depends upon the client’s willingness to follow the program structure, and even more importantly, their willingness to apply their new found recovery tools into real life scenarios following completion of treatment.

At Serenity Vista Treatment Center, among others, one important factor we consider as indication of success is a maintained level of communication by the client with our alumni staff. The fact is this, people who relapse do not maintain communication with their prior treatment unless it is for the prospect of re-entry. We have found that approximately 80 percent of all Serenity Vista clients whom have completed our programs in good standing are still sober today. Comparatively speaking, the average long-term sobriety rate throughout the rooms of AA and NA is anywhere from 10 to 15%. Based on those comparisons it is quite clear that Serenity Vista’s overall rate of success is outstanding, clearly enhancing the duration of sobriety and quality of life of our guests.

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