Films About Alcoholism – Days of Wine and Roses

Films About Alcoholism

Maya is interning at Serenity Vista Private Pay Drug Rehab in Panama. Maya is learning about the disease of alcoholism and how it manifests in individuals and families. Maya is reviewing each of the films in the Serenity Vista Film Library.

Days of Wine and Roses

In this 1962 addiction melodrama, Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon), a promising adman, meet his future wife Kirsten (Lee Remick) at a party. Once married, the pressures of his business lead Joe to seek solace in liquor. Kirsten joins him in his nocturnal drinking sessions, and before long both are confirmed alcoholics. After several frightening episodes, Joe is able to shake the habit thanks to AA, but Kirsten finds it impossible to get through the day without liquor. The two split up, although Joe clings to the hope that someday he and Kirsten will be reunited, if for no reason other than the sake of their young daughter. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi

films-about-alcoholism-days-of-wine-and-rosesI loved the movie Days of Wine and Roses  because it paints a very true picture of the effect of alcoholism. It shows the reality in a very moving way. Through the story of this couple who meets beautifully, gets married, and has a child, we soon understand that drinking takes away their chance to be happy. There comes a time when liquor becomes like their only child, their main focus.

This movie demonstrates well the negative effect alcoholism has on relationship, family, and how one relates to important people when caught in alcoholic behavior. It helps us understand the dynamic this disease creates. How hard it is for the family to step in, and find a way of giving a helping hand when the alcoholic rejects their help.

This movie distinguishes very well the two different ways one can choose to deal with alcoholism. As one of the characters tries to stay sober with will power, the other one is introduced to Alcoholics Anonymous. The nature of their battle is very different such as the outcome. As the will power seems to be effective at the beginning, it doesn’t take long for the will to drink to take over again, brushing away in one instant all the efforts that had been made. That seemingly not threatening one drink is enough to start the cycle of death. Fortunately, there is still hope in this movie. The Alcoholics Anonymous program gives place to a solution that saves one of those two character’s life. Click here to learn more about AA.

In this movie, the first step of the 12 steps program is brought up to our understanding. It clarifies for us the struggle it is for an alcoholic to admit being powerless over alcohol. Showing us how this step is crucial in order to see renewal happening. How once that step is taken, the miracle of healing can begin.

I recommend this movie to anyone who wants to understand more about alcoholism and the deepness of this disease. This is a great movie to help us realize the darkness of alcoholism and finally how one can find a way out of this hell. Click here for other films about alcoholism. This is among the classic films greatly appreciated and valued by guests of Serenity Vista.

Maya is an intern student from Switzerland, spending 3 months with us at Serenity Vista Addiction Retreat. Between local 12 Step meetings, films and assignments, Maya is learning quickly about powerlessness over alcohol. Serenity Vista is a private pay drug rehab located in beautiful Panama. Learn more about how Serenity Vista can help you recover from alcoholism and other forms of addiction.


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