California Affordable Addiction Treatment

California Affordable Addiction Treatment

Your cross to bear

Affordable Alcoholism Treatment Recovery Program

We are excited to share our tremendous success stories, but there are so many, and of course respecting confidentiality is of paramount importance to us. So as a representative illustration of the daily experience of healing and positive life change so often seen at Serenity Vista, let us share a general experience relating to many of our past clients. This is a testimonial of California addiction treatment that changes lives. We will call her “Julie”, and today she is happy, clean and sober….we’re so happy for her. We are sharing this as a beacon of hope for those who don’t have any……….

Julie lives Orange County, California and was using cocaine and alcohol for nearly 10 years. Julie had attended 6 drug rehab centers throughout the US including, California, Florida & Minnesota prior to coming to us. When she finally arrived at Serenity Vista 11 months ago she was on death’s doorstep; physically, emotionally and spiritually. She had absolute zero hope of the prospect of her leading a sober and joyous existence. She called herself the “The Queen of Relapse” and laughed at the possibility that we could show her that recovery was possible, even for a hardcore addict such as herself.

Julie was at our Panama treatment facility for the optimal 90 day rehab program but the light in her soul & spirit began to turn on at around the 20 day mark. She became very connected to our unique and highly effective approach to addiction & alcoholism treatment. She learned it was very possible to have fun without the use of drugs and alcohol, while also employing a life & death level of seriousness when it came to prioritizing her own recovery above & beyond all else!

A Success Story for California Affordable Addiction Treatment

Today Julie is back in the Los Angeles, CA area working at a prestigious law firm and recently met the man of her dreams. The Serenity Vista Treatment staff will always remember that ear-to-ear smile of hers. We are honored to share a snapshot of her experience here and more importantly, we’re honored to have been an integral part of her early recovery process!

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