“High Success Rate” in Drug Rehab-Treatment

“High Success Rate” in Drug Rehab-Treatment

If you or someone you know happens to be searching for a drug rehab or treatment center online that focuses on addiction and/or alcoholism recovery services, you may notice many facilities boast a high success rate that is better than the rest. The concern is that, unlike with many other medical issues, in the world of addiction and alcoholism recovery, success is measured on a multitude of levels and therefore, has many different interpretations.

Some treatment centers’ idea of “success” is merely for a client to complete their 30, 45, 70 or 90 day residential drug rehab program without having relapsed during therapy. This is definitely not an accurate benchmark of success. After all, during this time their car keys, money and freedom were likely outside of their possession so it does not depict a real-life scenario post rehab.

Other treatment centers actually make the effort to follow up with their program graduates in order to monitor their longer-term success rates. Even this approach is highly variable in validity considering how the contact is made, by whom, at what point in time, what endpoints are factored, and to what degree the responses are verifiable. Those confounding variables aside, the truth of clinical, real life impact is this: a high success rate with recovering addicts goes beyond quantity of sobriety; it also involves quality of sobriety, much of which is up to the actual sufferer and proportional to their level of motivation in changing their life for the better.

At Serenity Vista we take a holistic approach toward the recovery process, focusing not just on the addiction, but more importantly, also the whole person. For instance, for someone to get sober but to likewise not have the tools to begin enjoying life again without the use of drug or alcohol, would inevitably lead to relapse and a poor quality of sobriety overall. There are many elements to consider when researching success rates, what they mean, and how they’re interpreted within the scope of addiction & alcoholism treatment. We don’t focus on numbers and claims of high success rates. We promise quality treatment with compassionate, skilled staff, that will help you 100% if you want the help. We guarantee that upon completion of our 45 to 90 day program, you will be clean, sober, have a new outlook on life, with life living skills, and have transformed your life to one you love.

If you are motivated to change your life, and you want our help, we will go to any lengths to work with you, as an individual, to achieve your personal goals for your life. If you engage in our program, and then follow through with your ‘design for living’ we will work with you in preparing, you can stay clean and sober, one day at a time, for the rest of your life, a life beyond your wildest dreams. And, for you, that’s 100% success. That can be yours.

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