Holistic Drug Rehab in California & Florida

Holistic Drug Rehab in California & Florida

holistic drug rehab in beautiful Panama

We hear the term “holistic drug rehab” thrown around so often these days. People will spend tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars on holistic drug rehab and treatment centers claiming to have a holistic approach to recovery, but what exactly do they mean?

States like California and Florida seem to have the highest numbers of treatment centers focusing on drug addiction & alcoholism which claim to have a holistic approach toward the recovery process. Often times their definition of such recovery protocols might consist of vitamin and supplement regimens. Other components might include yoga, surfing, pilates, personal training sessions, and so on. The question is two-fold; one, does this really constitute as being holistic, and two, do these elements really help within the overall recovery process?

The average cost of licensed treatment throughout California and Florida is said to range somewhere around 28 to 35 thousand dollars per month. Many of these facilities utilize various treatment approaches consisting of; 12-step, non 12-step, holistic, religious based, rational based, etc. Many treatment centers describing themselves as being holistic will utilize it as an add-on to other clinical elements in place. Here at Serenity Vista Treatment in Boquete, Panama, we choose to define holistic as an integral part of the whole new-life experience, a way to open new doors and vistas of enjoyment in how our clients view their lives and surroundings.

Holistic treatment approaches at Serenity Vista consist of being at one with healthy living and your surroundings, learning to more fully appreciate the beauties of the world we live in. Mindfulness training and experience hightens awareness, appreciation, and acceptance. The absolutely stunning natural surroundings, the sailing trips on the Pacific Ocean, the presences of some of the world’s most exotic wildlife and so on, is just one element of how we integrate our new sober lifestyle within the scenic, serene surroundings of the world we live in. Learning how to live without drugs and alcohol is but only an initial step in ultimately finding our own place in this beautiful world!

Holistic treatment approaches will always be open to interpretation, but at a cost that is a fraction of comparable programs in North America, we cannot think of a more comprehensive and effective way to recover! Welcome to Serenity Vista Affordable Holistic Drug Rehab Addiction Treatment Center of Boquete, Panama.


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