My Husband Drinks Too Much – Help!

I love my husband, but he drinks too much. What do I do?

Are you concerned that your husband drinks too much? Maybe when you got married, his drinking still seemed fun – maybe you were even attracted to his seemingly harmless antics. Maybe you even drank with him at first.   The trouble is, if your husband is an alcoholic, the fun never lasts. Alcoholism is a chronic, progressive and ultimately fatal disease. Untreated, it gets worse, never better. If you are worried that your husband drinks too much now, chances are pretty good things are going to get worse. Much worse. Click here to learn about the progressive nature of alcoholism.

My husband drinks too much, is he an alcoholic?

passed-out-man-drinkingThe hallmark symptom of alcoholism is denial. If your husband drinks too much, he will probably deny it. The fact is that people who are not alcoholic don’t try to convince people that they are not alcoholic.   Does your husband try to control his drinking? Does he make promises to stop, and then break his promises? Social drinkers never try to control their drinking – they don’t have to. Social drinkers never count how many days it has been since their last drink. Alcoholics know, usually down to the last ounce, when and what they last drank. They are obsessed. Click here to learn more about the signs of alcoholism.

If my husband is an alcoholic, how can I help him?

It is heartbreaking when you are in love with an alcoholic, especially when he is your husband. If your husband drinks too much and there are children involved, it is even more tragic.  Without guidance most wives have no idea what is the best way to respond to an active alcoholic husband. Alcoholism is a family disease, and everyone in the family suffers, including the spouse.  Addiction specialists everywhere strongly suggest Al-Anon for the spouse of the alcoholic. The spouse of the alcoholic should begin their own program of recovery for their own healing. Click here to learn more about Al-Anon Family Groups.

Can I get my husband to go to drug rehab?

If your husband denies that he has a problem, and does not want help for his alcoholism, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take action. Sometimes an alcoholic will have a moment of clarity, recognize and admit that they want help. If and when this happens, it is important to move fast. An alcoholic will often change his mind about getting help very quickly. Knowing what resources are available beforehand can make all the difference. Choosing an international drug rehab like Serenity Vista in Panama offers many advantages to local rehabs.  The prospect of going to a hospital like setting with urine tests and white coats is not appealing to most. Serenity Vista in Panama is located in a tropical paradise, encorporating holistic therapies like massage, yoga, meditation, and mindefulness along with excellent therapeutic counseling.

He will be glad he did!

The program is robust, comprehensive, highly individualized, and highly effective. Drug rehab is no vacation, but for the independent minded man, Serenity Vista is an excellent choice. He will become the sober man he knows he truly is. A loving husband, supportive partner, loving parent, true friend, and respected member of your community. He will be grateful for his sobriety and for those that pointed out his need to get help. 


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