International Drug Rehab and Your Privacy

International Drug Rehab and your Privacy

It is hard enough when your drinking or drug use is out of control to make a decision to get help. Addiction does not hold the stigma that it used to, but if you do go to treatment, it does not have to be the business of your employer, your medical records, your government or the general  public. Although there are laws in place to protect health related privacy, often information still leaks out, or is gathered or reported by people you’d rather not know your private affairs. Read more about government privacy laws for addiction rehabilitation here.

Private Drug Rehab - space to breath

Panama offers privacy and beauty for drug rehab.

An emerging trend on social media sites, many promoted by addiction treatment centers, is people posting before and after recovery photographs of themselves. It is also becoming common practice for drug rehab facilities to post video testimonials of their clients, even showcasing before and after videos of their own clients. This practice is something Serenity Vista feels very strongly about and would never do.

People new to recovery are very vulnerable, and are often appropriately coached to not make any major decisions for the first year of their sobriety. Posting before and after photos, or being a video spokesperson for your ‘drug rehab’ creates a digital document that will never go away. Never. Years later, the rehab client that agreed to the video while in early recovery may regret that decision. Public view of them days after detox will be accessible to a prospective employer, as just one example.

Who Will Know I Have Gone To Alcohol or other Drug Rehab Treatment?

The privacy and well being of our guests is more important to us than promoting Serenity Vista. The sobriety of our guests is the whole reason we do this work and our guests can rest assured they will not be exploited here for any reason. Ever.

Going for alcoholism treatment in your own community also runs the risk that you will run into people you’d rather not. This could be co-workers or clients, your children’s friends, or your friend’s children. Some people there may be from the judicial system, choosing rehab to avoid jail time.  Choosing the right drug rehab for yourself may be the most important decision you ever make – it may make the difference between life and death.

How do I Choose a Safe International Rehab?

Choosing an international treatment center in a safe foreign country such as the Republic of Panama offers you many advantages. Your privacy, confidentiality and anonymity are treated with the highest of respect.  You are very unlikely to ‘run into someone you know’. For those who don’t need to know your business, you are ‘going on a tropical retreat’. And for those that may have a public persona or are famous in some sense, privacy from preying journalists and the public view is almost a certainty in this part of the world. Read more about private treatment here.

Private alcohol, nicotine and other drug treatment at Serenity Vista is the solution if you don’t want to go through company, state or provincial medical plans. Perfect spring-like weather year round, tropical cloud forests, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, massage and intensive counseling work add up to a complete holistic program of body, mind and spirit.  If you want to keep your visit to drug rehab private, consider coming to Panama.

Canadian Roots, Highly Effective North American Evidence-Based Therapy, Individual Attention, Respect of Privacy

This pretty well summarizes some of the key benefits of choosing an international rehab like Serenity Vista. Highly regarded with numerous oustanding reviews, you will enjoy your Panama adventure while receiving the ultimate in individual attention. North American professional therapeutic staff  work with a maximum of 6 guests at any time. Feels like a vacation adventure with lasting change for life!

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