Is Tobacco Blocking Your Connection to Spirit?

Is Tobacco Blocking Your Connection to Spirit?


The Spiritual Path vs Nicotine

In Native North American spiritual tradition, tobacco is a very sacred plant, used in ceremony and offered in gratitude for the gifts of the Earth. Nicotine, the most active component of the tobacco plant, is also one of the most highly addictive substances known to humankind. Nicotine addiction is harder for the majority of people to face than even cocaine, alcohol or heroin.

The death rate of nicotine addiction is higher than all other addictions, including motor vehicle accidents, homicides, suicides COMBINED. The highest single leading cause of preventable death in the world is the use of nicotine.  But looking at statistics are only an intellectual exercise in the face of an individual’s personal experience.

Is Nicotine Keeping You From a Spiritual Experience?

Many people stop using alcohol or other drugs using the 12 Steps, yet continue smoking tobacco, or vaping nicotine.  Are they really sober?  What we know about addiction is that a cycle of craving is created. When a person is addicted to nicotine, it is an endless cycle  of withdrawal symptoms, & intense craving, then satisfying, then withdrawing again.  Physiologically, mentally and emotionally the body is always either in the craving or satisfying mode. Where in this cycle is the surrender and reliance upon a Higher Power as prescribed in the 12 Steps of recovery?  The search for God or Spirituality doesn’t have much room in-between the craving and satisfying cycles.

If you are on a spiritual journey and you are actively seeking God in your life, you may be wondering why the connection is elusive.  If you are an active nicotine addict, take a look at the smokescreen you are creating every time you satisfy your craving.  The smokescreen keeps you insulated, and keeps your connection with spirit shadowy at best.

Surrender Means Complete Abstinence

If you are ready to deepen your spiritual experience and are ready to put down the instruments that are keeping you sick, but find that you cannot, we can help.  In today’s world, NO ONE is smoking because they want to. Educated people that are in active nicotine addiction today may try to fool themselves and those around them, but the truth is, that if they could stop, they would.  If your true desire is to have an unfettered connection with God,  your vaping or smoking is hanging in the air between you and your spirit.

Active nicotine addiction deserves a full residential treatment the same as any other addiction. Yes, nicotine is a drug, and good drug rehab is highly effective.

At Serenity Vista Addiction and Codependency Recovery Retreat in Panama, we understand all forms of addiction, and will work with you to create an individualized treatment program based on your needs. We use the 12 Steps of Nicotine Anonymous, as well as a complete holistic complement of body-mind-spirit treatments.  If you want to take your sobriety or spirituality to the next level, now is the time to face nicotine. This sacred plant has NO PLACE in the lives of people suffering from addiction and trying to recover.

Residential Treatment with the 12 Steps of Nicotine Anonymous

Beautiful Panama is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as being one of the most progressive countries in the world for keeping its citizens safe from Big Tobacco Companies and the death sentence of nicotine addiction. In Boquete, Panama, home of Serenity Vista, one will only very rarely see or smell a person smoking tobacco.  It is the perfect place to come and be free from nicotine. You will experience a holistic program of body, mind and spirit, have fun, experience the beauty of tropical Panama, and return home with inner peace, serenity, and most importantly, smoke free!  Contact us to find out when you can begin this next step of your journey.



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