Life After Active Addiction

Life After Active Addiction

Life After Active Addiction is total freedom at Serenity Vista private rehab

Most addicts live with a constant hunger for freedom yet can not imagine a healthy life after active addiction. They chase substances hoping for temporary relief. But they are quickly overcome by the familiar feeling of being trapped and wanting to be free. It’s a vicious cycle, that despite their best efforts, few are able to break away from on their own.

Does this sound familiar for you or a loved one? If the reoccurring pain of addiction is a reality for you, we invite you to try this: Right now, wherever you are and whatever you are doing – stop – and for the next few minutes, try very hard to imagine a life without addiction. Let go of every fear and doubt you have – if only for a few minutes – and set your imagine free just for these moments.

Imagine your future, addiction free …

. . . You have a memory of being a drug abuser or alcoholic. And you are filled with gratitude for overcoming your addiction.

Get a clear and vivid picture of yourself healthy, sober, feeling fresh and relaxedYou are calm, confident, and living a full, balanced life of abundance. Your heart is full and your thoughts clear. Your relationships are respectful and loving. The people around you energize you. Family and friends surround and support you, knowing that your choices are wise, your mind is clear, and your heart is healthy and kind. They love you because they experience the real you everyday. Substance abuse is a memory and an important lesson from part of your past. You don’t hide from it or fear it. You face the fact of your past addiction humbly and honestly. You are free now.

Can you picture that? It can be a reality. Despite where you are at this stage in your life, you still have a powerful imagination. And that, as you will find on your path to freedom, is a very powerful tool.

If you start with a vision of sobriety and hold it your mind, with the right treatment you can begin moving toward it. With the right approach, and in the company of caring and dedicated addiction recovery specialists, you can leapfrog your current self and arrive at a new beginning. It starts with the imagination, and builds from there. Hold onto HOPE. Believe you deserve it. It IS possible.

What’s next?

The next step is finding the right treatment – and since you’ve read this far – you’ve already arrived at the right place! Serenity Vista is a very special and unique treatment center located in the majestic hills of Boquete Panama. For starters, it’s a real-world paradise and the perfect place to start creating a new you. Our extended-stay recovery programs are ideal for anyone who is finally ready to be drug-free and sober. Just imagine it. Here, you will have countless opportunities for self discovery and deep healing. You will be surrounded by supportive like minds and an expert staff to assist you on your exciting tropical adventure toward sobriety. Many people, just like you, have transformed their lives from addiction to freedom at Serenity Vista. Can you picture that? If you’re ready to launch your new sober life, contact us today to make your imagination a reality.

Logic will get you from A to Z; but imagination will get you everywhere. ― Albert Einstein

Do you want real change? Are you wanting to be done with addiction? Hold onto your vision of the hope of recovery and know it is possible for you. Contact Serenity Vista. We will show you how and guide you to a full realization of your vision. Be free from addiction. Your life will transform in amazing ways. Be happy, joyous and free!


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