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Visa and Passport Requirements to Enter Panama

As of 2010, a Panama tourist visa is NOT required for citizens of the U.S. and Canada for a stay up to 180 days. However, a passport is required for entry, and must be valid for at least three months past the time of travel.

Customs officials may ask for proof of a return ticket when you enter the country. A printed out itinerary of your return flight information will suffice.

For more information on visa requirements for Panama for most countries, click here.

See below for information on applying for or renewing passports for the U.S. and Canada. Both countries have options for rush processing and delivery for an additional fee.


How to Get or Renew a Canadian Passport

There are several ways to get a Canadian passport:

* In person at a passport office (10 business days processing time; additional $20 fee for pickup)

* By Mail (20 business days processing time)

* Through a receiving agent via Service Canada or Canada Post (20 business days processing time)
Passports good for 5 years cost $120; 10-year passports cost $160.

For a list of all requirements to apply for a Canadian passport as a Canadian citizen, click here.

To renew a Canadian passport, click here.


Getting a Canadian passport in 24 hours

You can get a Canadian passport within 24 hours for an additional $110 on top of the regular passport fee. You must also show proof of travel that warrants needing a passport that quickly and go in person to a passport office. To find the nearest passport office, click here.

You can also get an expedited passport, available in 2-9 days, for $50 in addition to the cost of the passport.

For more information on documents and forms needed to apply for a Canadian passport, click here.

To learn how to renew a Canadian passport, click here.


How to Get or Renew an American Passport

To Get a U.S. Passport if you’ve never had one before, you must apply in person. Click here to see the list of forms and requirements.

First time passport fee: $165
Renewals may be done in person at a passport office or by mail.

Renewal fee: $110

The U.S. Passport service strongly recommends having your new passport sent back to you via overnight delivery. To do so, you must enclose payment of $12.85 per passport in your application.

Regular passport processing takes about 4-6 weeks from the time of application.


Getting an American passport in 24 hours

Expedited passport service costs an additional $60 per passport. Click here to see how to get a passport in a hurry. Current expedited passports, when overnight delivery service is paid for both ways, take about 2-3 weeks door to door. If you have already applied for a new passport and would like to know its status, click here.

If you are traveling within 14 days and have not yet applied, Schedule an Appointment to submit your application at a Passport Agency.

If you have already applied, go to the National Passport Information Center to contact a Customer Service Representative when you are 7 days out from your travel date.


People who apply for a renewal by mail must clearly mark “Expedite” on the outside of the mailing envelope, for the Expedited Passport Processing times to accurately apply.

It is strongly encouraged to mail your passport application and any personal documents using a traceable delivery method. In order to protect the contents of the mailing from the elements throughout the delivery process, it is strongly encouraged to mail the passport application and any personal documents using a secure means of packaging, such as a Tyvek envelope.

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