Quality Treatment In A Safe & Luxurious Setting

Chosen by our Canadian Leadership as the Idyllic Location for Serenity Vista

Serenity Vista is owned and operated by Canadian healthcare professionals with a passion for helping people recovery from all forms of addiction. Panama was carefully and thoughtfully chosen as the idyllic location to establish Serenity Vista. Panama uniquely stood out as having all of the desired qualities: safe, welcoming, progressive, stable democracy, tropical, natural beauty, a vacation destination with a get-away feel, easily accessible by international travel, better value for the dollar, and english speaking 12 step fellowships. Now, years later, we are happy to say that the choice of Panama continues to be a sound one. All of what Panama promised continues to be realized. It is stunningly beautiful, charming, and calming.

A Beautiful and Safe Destination

Why is traveling to Panama such a good idea for drug rehab? If you’re planning on entering drug rehab, you should know that it can be very helpful to actually leave your town—or even your country—in order to get the best in drug rehab care. By leaving your town, you’ll be leaving behind all the bad influences that drew you to drug addiction in the first place. And you can find rehab facilities with much higher quality as well as higher value. For example, Serenity Vista’s amazing luxury rehab is roughly 1/3 the price of basic rehab in the US or Canada! And it’s all available with just a short flight down to Panama. Click here to learn more about why Panama is such a great destination.

But if you’re concerned about safety in Panama, here’s some information:

Panama Is A Haven For Safe Travel

Panama is a low­crime haven in Central America. In fact, Panama has some of the lowest crime among all Latin American countries. OSAC writes, “Panama remains relatively safe when compared to other Central American countries.” And Wikitravel writes that “most of Panama is very safe. People in rural areas are generally extremely friendly and very helpful. If you want to visit Latin America, but are paranoid about security, Panama might be a good place to cut your teeth.” People can feel safe moving around Panama.

Why Is Panama Such A Good Destination For Rehab?

But why Panama? Panama is an amazing travel destination, drawing thousands of tourists each year from all corners of the globe. They come for the warm, mild climate, the beautiful environment, the astounding diversity of wildlife, the sparkling Caribbean oceans, and much more! When you choose Panama for drug rehab, you’re not just choosing a rehab center—you’re choosing a vacation destination! Click here to learn more about what makes Panama such an enticing recovery getaway destination.

Luxury Rehab In Panama

Why come to Panama for drug or alcohol rehab? Panama offers so much more then other countries when it comes to rehab opportunities. At Serenity Vista, we welcome you to the Caribbean paradise of Panama, and we can help show you how amazing it is, with a variety of outdoor recreation activities in the lush environment. And we can do it all at a much better value than rehab centers in the US or Canada. Click here to learn more about why you should choose to travel to Serenity Vista in Panama for your recovery life transformation.

Luxury Rehab to Help You in Your Recovery Journey

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