Why Panama for Rehab?

Panama for Rehab! Perfect for Recovery, Renewal, and Transformation

The Happiest Place on Earth

Why Panama for rehab? For several years in a row, Panama has consistently rated the happiest country in the world. Panama ranks the highest in the world on the Gallup Global Well-Being index. The people of Panama report “a lot of daily happiness, a lot of daily smiling and laughter, and a lot of daily enjoyment without a lot of stress and worry”, according to a Fortune magazine report on the results. It further adds that Panama has also had “the benefit of a strong and growing economy in the last year, plus the country’s had relative political stability and investments in national development”.

Panama, the happiest place on earth. A land of tropical beauty, abundant biodiversity, cultural richness, and a calm, serene pace and quality of life. Can you imagine a more perfect place to experience the magnificence of sobriety and a new life of recovery?

New York Times Number One Travel Destination

The New York Times named Panama as the Number One Travel Destination. We know why.

Panama of Central America was carefully chosen by Serenity Vista as the very best place for alcohol, drug, other addiction, and codependency recovery rehab. Panama is where the world meets, and what a meeting! The cloud-forested mountains of Serenity Vista Sober Retreat and Recovery are the perfect springtime temperature year round. The little town of Boquete is famous for rainbows, flowers, and coffee. There is something very special about this part of the world, a healing energy, a vibrancy, an infusion of spirit. Travel abroad to Panama for rehab. We can’t wait to meet you here.

Panama is about 35,000 sq mi (88,000 sq km), a slip of a country bridging the Americas. It is about the size of South Carolina, Newfoundland or Portugal. Flanked by two oceans, it is possible to see both the Pacific and the Caribbean from the top of Volcan Baru, the (not very) active volcano close to your retreat at Serenity Vista.


Why Panama for rehab

Panama has it all: 1000 islands, cloud-forested mountain highlands, beaches, jungle tropics, family-owned coffee farms that grow the most coveted coffee in the world, and the glimmering metropolis of booming Panama City. Panama has over 975 species of birds and 1500 species of orchids. Twenty nine percent of the country, over 5 million acres, are protected National Parks.

It’s Safe, Progressive and Secure

One of the safest countries in the world, Panama has a lower crime rate than most American cities. Tourism is increasing, with rapid growth over the past 5 years. In 2011 more than 2 million tourists visited Panama, up from 1.4 million in 2008.  There are an estimated 40,000 Canadian and American expats living and loving being here in paradise.

If you do need medical or dental assistance while you are in Panama, you are in luck. Panama has some of the best medical professionals and hospitals in Central America. In fact, medical tourism is a growing industry. Panama also shares US currency and US paper money is used.

Panama has high-speed internet and mobile coverage everywhere, the water is drinkable right out of the tap, we have 90 banks, and there are awesome hotels and restaurants of every sort throughout the country, with Boquete having more than its share. The highways are great, and of course, there is the Panama Canal, making headlines again as it completes its huge expansion.

Arrival is Easy

Getting to Panama, Central America, is getting easier and easier. The Panama International Tocumen Airport has over 51 non-stop flights a week in and out. Copa now has connecting flights to the local regional airport in nearby David. With flights, buses, cars, taxis, water taxi’s boats and personal drivers available, we’ll help you get right to the door Serenity Vista Addiction Recovery Retreat. Click here for map location.

Transform your Life!

Most importantly, Serenity Vista is one of the few rehabs in the world that is dedicated to working with you as an individual to TRANSFORM your life. Sounds dramatic, and perhaps unbelievable. But that is how serious we take addiction recovery. We understand addiction’s power, and see how it destroys lives and families. We will work with you on a deep personal level to not only be free of addiction but to be free to transform your life.

Take your time to fully explore this website and talk with us. We are glad to answer your questions. If you want to transform your life at the level of body, mind, and soul, to one you love, filled with joy and a deep serenity, we are here for you.

The Best Part – The People!

Panamanian People make Panama for rehab perfect

And then there are the Panamanian people; warm, humble, and engaging with a love and joy of life! They are very proud of their country and love to share it. Most Panamanians speak at least a little English, but they are very appreciative of your efforts to speak Spanish – or maybe even a few words of their personal Indigenous language.

Recovery from substance abuse is hard work. Having a beautiful, vibrant and alive setting makes a huge difference. As you trudge the road of happy destiny come right on down to Panama, where you can meet the world, for meetings!

So Much More Than Hats and the Canal!

Panama Hats and Panama Canal
But we have those too.

Panama Tourism Videos

Panama for rehab. Where The World Meets Adventure:


Panama for rehab. Where The World Meets Traditions:


CLICK HERE for a short video overview of what makes Panama such a wonderful place.


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