Luxury Rehab—More Affordable than Basic Rehab!

Luxury Rehab—More Affordable than Basic Rehab!

Do you struggle with drug addiction or relapse? Are you looking for a caring and supportive environment to help you with your journey towards recovery? Rehab is a great option to support you through the challenges of recovery. But did you know that you can afford not only basic drug rehab, but also luxury rehab? Luxury rehab is within your reach at a beautiful caribbean paradise in Panama. And even though it’s a gorgeous and high-quality luxury rehab facility, it’s much more affordable than even the most basic rehab facility you’d find in the United States or Canada. And that’s not all! If you do the three month program at Serenity Vista, we’ll buy your return flight! Up to $1000 will be covered, completely for free! Click here to learn more about how well we serve international guests.

Luxury Rehab—More Affordable than Basic Rehab!How Does the Cost of Luxury Rehab Compare?

Do you want to get the best value when you’re looking into rehab? Are you looking for the highest quality drug addiction treatment? You can get both at the same time! At Serenity Vista, you can afford the best. Our luxury rehab is such good value that three months of luxury rehab with us is actually roughly the same price as 30 days in a facility in the United States or Canada. But how is it possible that Serenity Vista offers such a good value? Simple—prices and costs are lower in Panama! Click here to learn more about why Panama is such a great travel destination.

Spend Three Months at Serenity Vista for the Cost of One Month Elsewhere!

But how is Serenity Vista still a better value when you have to fly all the way to Panama? Don’t worry about the flight! We will help you with the arrangements, and it is really very straightforward. Your 90 day program, plus the cost of return travel, is still less than the cost of comparable quality rehab addiction treatment programs in Canada or the United States (USA). Serenity Vista is tremendous value. And it’s high end rehab that’s as high-quality as you can find anywhere in the world, with individual attention and highly professional therapists.

Luxury Rehab at Serenity Vista—Better, and a Greater Value

Do you want the best luxury rehab that money can buy? Do you want it at 1/3 the price of basic rehab? Serenity Vista offers you the best, for much much less than facilities in United States and Canada. And we’ll even cover your flight for you! That’s an incredible value for support on your journey to recovery. Click here to learn more about our luxury rehab services.


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