Mission & Philosophy


Founded in 2012, Serenity Vista has become recognized world wide as an uniquely effective, high end private alcohol and drug addiction rehab facility. The program is based upon reputable, evidence-based methods of alcoholism and addiction recovery treatment. It provides a holistic, therapeutic approach including coaching, counselling, twelve step philosophy, group therapies, and recreational programs.

Panama was carefully selected for Serenity Vista Holistic Drug Rehab. It is geographically centrally located to be accessible to North Americans and Europeans wanting to get away, to where privacy and confidentiality are certain. The magnificent mountainous region of Boquete offers a serene setting supportive of the recovery process.

Serenity Vista is an affordable rehab option, and is dedicated to helping those seeking to embrace a new life of recovery after having lived with any form of addiction or relationship difficulty. Also welcome are loved ones, family members, adult children of alcoholics/addicts, codependents, or anyone in recovery wanting renewal, personal growth, or restoration of mind, body and spirit.

The leadership and staff are committed to providing a comprehensive, quality, compassionate rehab experience. Our goal is to offer the means, hope and courage to discover, recover, and transform to those who want help.

You are welcome

You know how to get clean and sober. Perhaps you’ve sobered up many times, but it’s the ‘staying sober’ part that you have difficulty with. You may or may not have found your way to traditional drug, alcoholism or other addiction treatment rehabilitation centers, or twelve step rooms. But, like many, regardless of alcoholism or other addiction, you realize there must be more to life. You are still struggling with living life on life’s terms. You may be tired of ‘the same old same old’. You may be restless, irritable, discontented. You might suffer from chronic relapses.

Serenity Vista promotes healthy sober living. You are welcome regardless of whether you consider yourself an alcoholic, drug, food, work or relationship addict, a codependent; whether you work a twelve step program or not.

Perhaps its time to get to that step work you’ve been told to do, or are ready to redo. You may feel it’s time to take an honest, in-depth look at yourself, relationships, higher power, and life itself. You want to challenge yourself, and have some real fun.

Maybe you watched your loved one get sober, go off to drug rehab, and come home a changed person with a new outlook on life. Good for them, yet nothing changed for you. You feel stuck, frustrated, and perhaps envious.

Like many, you may have stopped drinking, but now struggle with food or smoking, obsess over work, exercise or other people, or feel stuck in your career or relationships. Stress and other people, places and things seem to rule your life.

You deserve to give yourself the best, and to experience true inner peace and serenity. You can do that here, at our luxury rehab facility in the mountains of Panama, in the “land of eternal spring,” where new growth is encouraged, expected, and welcomed.

You are welcome regardless of whether you consider yourself an addict or alcoholic, codependent, or whether your motivation is to enrich your life, your recovery, accompany a loved one, or simply have a great sober vacation with meaning, depth, and lasting value. Family members are encouraged to participate together. Spousal and parental relationships will heal and develop.

Why Serenity Vista

It is what you will see when you first arrive in Boquete, with its beautiful mountain views. And, it will be what unfolds for you personally as your discovery, recovery and transformation manifests. In addition to seeing beautifully serene vistas of nature, through the process of your rehab program, you will come to see new views of yourself, others, and of life itself.

Your program at Serenity Vista will give you a new experience of life; the new life you will co-create through your expanded awareness and renewed connection with spirit. A process of change that is transformational.

You will shift from simply seeing serene vistas, to co-creating your own.


Serenity Vista is a holistic, individualized approach to healthy living in recovery. We offer a highly professional, solution-focused, holistic wellness retreat for people affected by addition in any way, including those in recovery and family members or others struggling with codependency, such as adult children of alcoholics. Serenity Vista utilizes a uniquely integrated non-medical, non-institutional, twelve step, abstinence-based approach. The setting is home-like, on beautiful expansive grounds, where guests arrive clean and sober looking for help with staying sober and living life on life’s terms.

We offer personal growth opportunities and restoration of health and happiness. Based upon the triad of renewal, recovery and recreation, we focus our holistic programs on healing of the whole person, encompassing mind, body and spirit. Carefully chosen to be located in beautiful Boquete, Panama, the retreat is easily accessible to all continents, where natural beauty abounds, offering Serenity Vistas that foster healing and serenity.

Dedicated to Helping

Our guests are people who want to change their lives. Reasons are personal and varied. Many have stopped their primary addictive or self defeating behaviour, and want to experience a new, healthy way of living a meaningful life of recovery. You are welcome regardless of what form of addiction you may or may not have struggled with, including alcoholism, gambling addiction, nicotine addiction (smoking cessation), or other addictive or co-dependent behaviours such as with relationships, food, sex, exercise, or internet. Click here to assess whether Serenity Vista is for you.

You are also welcome regardless of whether you believe you have had an addiction. Perhaps you simply want a retreat where you can restore and renew. Over the years, we have heard countless times from our guests that anyone could benefit from and enjoy our programs. If you want what we offer, you are welcome. 

Non-Institutional Rehab

Serenity Vista is not a mental health institution that provides medical care or conducts psycho social rehabilitation or psychotherapy. As a part of your retreat experience, we offer counselling that supports you achieve your goals in your life. Your dynamic full-life program will include individual and small group sharing sessions, life coaching, spiritual exploration, music, artistic expression, yoga, meditation, horseback riding and various outdoor eco-friendly activities.

Holistic Approach

Addiction affects all aspects of a person’s life and family, and it is you and your life that we help on an individualized basis. It is irrelevant whether you consider yourself as having an addiction. We are not concerned about ‘labels’ or ‘problems’. Many who come to Serenity Vista are looking for help with codependency or addiction. But the condition or addiction itself is not the problem. We don’t ‘treat’ diseases such as addiction. Serenity Vista is not a typical drug rehab or treatment center for alcohol addiction or alcoholism treatment. We help people find serenity by teaching them why they’re hurting in the first place, and showing them how to find the answers without picking up their substance of choice, be it alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or other peoples’ problems. Regardless of whether you may be struggling with addiction, co-dependency, or some other form of unhappiness or discontentment, you will benefit from your stay at Serenity Vista.

Fostering Change

Serenity Vista is here to facilitate your process of change. Discontentment, unhappiness, codependency, drug & alcohol or other addiction affect people without regard for financial, social, or legal status, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, education or employment. Our philosophy is that ALL deserve the best that life has to offer: the chance to grow and change their lives in magnificent ways.

We believe that all that struggle with life or continued abstinence deserve the opportunity for help and have the inherent capacity to change. It is our philosophy that all have an equal chance of an enriching life and full recovery!

Your stay at Serenity Vista will stimulate your thoughts, deepen your understanding, and help you develop a healthy expression of feelings and a balanced life-style.

We at Serenity Vista recognize that many people simply feel ‘stuck’ and or like a prisoner to other people, places or things. It is our commitment to help you experience release, relief, empowerment, and excitement with the choices you come to see as yours to realize. We believe your capacity to heal, change, and live life fully, free of addiction.

Twelve Step Philosphy

Foundational to the entire Serenity Vista program is the philosophy of the Twelve Step movement as characterized by Alcoholics Anonymous and Alanon. The spiritual principles of openness, honesty, willingness, courage, belief, responsibility, forgiveness, respect and service are embedded throughout the program. Guests are invited to attend twelve step meetings each week. Twelve Step programs have helped millions of people worldwide live a life of recovery, either following or as part of their ongoing drug rehab or addiction treatment or therapy. If you wish, we will help you find a local AA meeting or other ongoing support in your home town before leaving Serenity Vista.

It is important to note that, while spirituality is explored, Serenity Vista is a retreat, NOT a religious institution, facility or program. Regardless of your religion, faith, or lack thereof, you are welcome. Spirituality is a personal exploration of how one relates with self, others, nature, and their own, private concept of a Higher Power. No one is told or otherwise directed to believe any particular concept or belief; this is about personal exploration and discovery. Your retreat offers you the chance for reflection, looking at life in new ways, and to experience how to ‘live life on life’s terms’.

International Private Rehab Abroad

Serenity Vista is an international center for addiction treatment & recovery. Guests arrive from all over the world, including The United StatesCanadaAustraliaSpain, Germany, France, England, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Columbia, Brazil, Ecuador, and Venezuala. International access to Panama City is convenient through all major travel hubs.

All are welcome regardless of previous medical diagnosis, race, sexual orientation, religion, faith, or lack thereof.