Nicotine Rehab

In response to Serenity Vista’s Latest Press Release

“Good for you! Nicotine rehab! I’ve watched too many CHILDREN beat alcohol or marijuana use, then get thoroughly hooked on cigarettes in their sobriety peer groups while their parents breathe misguided sighs of relief.”

Nancy L. (Sobriety Advocate, Recovery Coach) quoted from LinkedIn

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Excerpt From the Press Release

Says Director John Derry:

“We’d rather facilitate the full, long term recovery of a few people to achieve a full and rewarding life free of all addictions, than have a lot of people come through the doors and leave still addicted to smoking which is highly toxic and deadly”. Sadly, larger corporate treatment centers, driven by profit and economies of scale hold on to what is more popular, not necessarily what is in the best interest of those they purport to serve.

Serenity Vista looks forward to the arrival of a woman like Sally tomorrow. She will be joining others, including ‘Peter’ from the UK, now 4 weeks into his 3 month full life recovery program, smoke free after decades of smoking two packs a day.”

Who They Are

Serenity Vista Inc. is a world-class alcoholism and other addiction recovery facility providing luxury affordable rehab in the mountain highlands of tropical Panama. Their clean and abundantly beautiful location, integrative approach and highly affordable fee structure enable nearly everyone to experience the very best. With over 30 years of clinical expertise backing their internationally recognized program of recovery, they have merged the best practice treatment approaches and latest research findings to create a truly unique, leading-edge, optimally effective treatment for addiction. Their mission is dedicated to helping those seeking to embrace a new life of recovery after having lived with any form of addiction. This includes nicotine.

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