Online Counseling

Serenity Vista offers Online Counselling

Private Counseling Specializing in Addiction and Spirituality

Online addiction counseling

Virtual Help in the Here and Now

Bypass Quarantine Isolation Measures through private & confidential Video Chat Therapy For:

  • addiction to alcohol, nicotine, other drugs or behaviors
  • codependency
  • guidance on spiritual matters for questions like, ‘Why am I here?’ ‘What is my purpose’, ‘Why me, or Why not me?’
  • anxiety, depression, guilt, shame, remorse, or feelings of hopelessness

Residential treatment, intensive immersion therapy is often the solution of choice for people in extreme suffering from addiction or other pressing issues. However, Covid-19 has shut down many traditional opportunities for healing. Telemedicine has become a well established and highly effective mode of treatment with increasing application during the pandemic.

John and Jane Derry are now both offering their compassion, empathy and expertise online, in private face to face video therapy sessions. They do not underestimate the power of intention and the miracle of recovery to work through this technology.

If you feel called to explore this possibility for your own healing, please contact Serenity Vista, John or Jane. They are happy to discuss the appropriateness of this venue for your desired recovery and freedom from suffering. While John is skilled at whole life development, Jane will specifically bring a focus on your spiritual development.

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