How Do I Pay For Drug Rehab?

How Do I Pay For Drug Rehab?

It is very unlikely that anyone has ever saved up a fund just in case they ever needed to go to some form of addiction treatment, codependency therapy, or drug rehab. We hear of college funds, but no parent ever plans on their child needing addiction treatment.

Addiction is an equal opportunity disease

Addiction in it’s various forms and expression is an equal opportunity disease. Addiction cares not whether you have a doctoral level education. Alcoholism never asks what color your skin is, or who your parents are.  Codependency, alcoholism and other addictions know no socio-economic boundaries, is not concerned with your age, how many languages you can speak, or if you can carry a tune.

Locked up or covered up

Addiction, like lightning, strikes wherever it likes, sometimes taking one in a family, sometimes sparing only one in a family. But when addiction does hit, you can be assured of this: it is progressive, chronic, and untreated, ultimately fatal.  While generally not recognized, this is true of all forms of addiction, including codependency. Two places an active alcoholic – addict can go – locked up or covered up.

Rehab treatment is best

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, addiction treatment rehab is the very best way to treat the dependency. But when the time for rehab comes, what happens if you don’t have the funds readily available?  How can a person get the money to pay for drug rehab – addiction treatment?

In this brief discussion, when we use the term ‘drug rehab’, we use this phrase as a generic, cultural term to describe all forms of addiction treatment, regardless of whether the dependency is to alcohol, other drugs, or behaviors, such as in the case of what is popularly referred to as codependency, and process addictions such as gambling addiction.

Addiction is addiction is addiction. Treatment has similar elements, and at Serenity Vista, individualized based upon each individual person’s characteristics and issues.

Treatment Options

Government Funded Rehab If you have no financial recourse at all, there are free programs in Canada and the United States.  They generally have long wait times, and are usually filled with people who have hit a bottom on the street, or in jail. They may or may not really want to be there.

Company Insurance Your company or private insurance company may pay for drug rehab. You will likely not get any choice in where you go, or how long you will be able to stay.  If you choose to go through E.A.P. rest assured that this will be on your medical records, and may come back to haunt you.

Private Pay Drug Rehab Whenever possible, the best choice is private pay drug rehab.  You choose when and where you want to go, and it is your business only. But, how to find the funds for drug rehab, if the money is not sitting in your bank account? Here are some of the ways that people have gathered funds for rehab:

Drug Rehab Treatment Lenders

There are several companies that specialize in funding people for drug rehab.  In the United States try, My Treatment Lender  and in Canada there is Medicard Finance Inc. When you are clean and sober, you can pay them back.

Credit – Personal Loan

Talk with your financial institution, perhaps you have enough room on a credit card, or you could take a personal loan.   Can you cash in an RRSP or other savings bond?

Home Equity Loan

If you or a loved one own your own home, you can get a loan against the house. Interest rates are generally low.

Borrowing or Accepting Donations

You may be very surprised at who in your family or circle of friends would be honoured to help you.  No one wants to attend the funeral of their loved one, wishing there was some way that they could have helped. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, god-parents could all be candidates. Sit down with a pencil and paper and brainstorm of the people who could help you financially. It could be a gift, or it could be a loan, with set guidelines for re-payments.


Crowdfunding and crowdsourcing sites offer internet based platforms for individuals in need of financial assistance for addiction treatment to ask compassionate people around the world for financial assistance.

“Crowdfunding” is a type of crowdsourcing that facilitates people donating money to a person or cause. Crowdfunding campaigns are increasingly being used to help pay for critically important personal expenses such as for alcohol treatment or drug rehab.

GoFundMe is the most widely-known crowdfunding site for personal fundraising. Some other crowdsourcing sites are FundRazrFundly and GoGetFunding.

Selling Personal Items

If you are in prison or the graveyard, you won’t be using any of those toys you may have accumulated. First things first! Do you have something that you can sell, like a boat, or motorcycle, a car, cabin at the lake or jewellery?  Do you have stock, or a timeshare somewhere?

Holding a Garage Sale

If you don’t have any big ticket items you can sell, perhaps you can pull together a quick yard sale and liquidate several smaller items at once.

Do What it Takes To Pay For Drug Rehab

The bottom line is, do what you have to do to get the addiction treatment that you need. You deserve to have a second chance in this life-time, and alcoholics and addicts in recovery are amongst some of the most successful people in the world. Your earning power will increase, and you can pay back or pay forward when your bank accounts are full again. Serenity Vista Private Pay Drug Rehab is an excellent choice. Serenity Vista offers North American Quality Treatment at Central American Prices. 90 days of treatment at Serenity Vista is less than 30 day programs of comparable quality.

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