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What is your drug rehab success rate for Serenity Vista…do you have any statistics?

Rehab Success Rates at world class Serenity Vista international alcohol & drug rehab addiction treatment

Dear Parent of an Addicted Adult Child,

Thank you for contacting Serenity Vista to ask about our rehab success rates for opiate addiction. Opiate addiction is epidemic right now, as I’m sure you are all too sadly aware, and is of grave concern as it is life threatening resulting in many deaths. We discuss that issue in a recent article on our website.

As for ‘rehab success rates’, we intentionally don’t quote any specific numbers at Serenity Vista alcohol & drug rehab. You may find some centers that quote great numbers with claims like ‘greater than 80% success’, but be wary of what that data is based on. What kind of objective scientific rigor was put into determining those numbers, and what exactly was measured, when, and by whom? We all know that numbers can be made to say whatever we want.

The most important determinant of rehab outcome is the willingness of the individual to fully participate and engage, long term, in the recovery process. Someone can be ‘forced’ to go to the best treatment center in the world but, if they don’t want to be there, think it’s a joke, or otherwise go through the motions to get the law/parents/boss/girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse etc. off their back, the chance of relapse caused by reverting to old patterns of thoughts and behavior is very high.

We do not make a claim or promise about how your son will do. We suggest he get involved in the process of looking for help and to thoroughly review our website and engage in discussion with us. We will describe our comprehensive program and the help we offer. If he wants our help, we would be honored to help him. ‘If he wants our help’ is key. His engagement in the process is critical to his success. If he is willing to reach out and ask for help, is willing to accept that help, take direction, and be open to new ways of living life, then he will do very well.

We are very different than most drug rehab or addiction treatment centers in that we work, on average, with 3 to 5 people, absolute maximum of 6. That means each person gets a lot of individual attention, and we dig deep in our therapy and counseling sessions to get down to root cause on a deep emotional level. The vast majority of people who choose to fly all the way to Panama to do our program, really want it, and hence do very well.

By the completion of the program, each individual is 100% clean, sober and filled with hope, optimism, and love of life. In their last week, they each develop their ‘Design for Living’, their own personalized plan for how they are going to implement their recovery plan into their lives and be supported moving forward. Part of that plan is to have in place, with our facilitation, a support network in their home community before they leave here for the airport.

For those that follow their own plan, and stay committed to their recovery, they are guaranteed of staying clean and sober. But the sad reality is that in some cases, some people get over confident, cocky, or develop a false sense of security and stop following their plan, and slip back into old patterns. That is up to each individual though, and is independent of how good the recovery program was.

On average, I can say that people who come to us leave with an indepth understanding of themselves and their addiction, have worked through deep personal hurts or issues, and have experienced a new way of living clean and sober with peace of mind and serenity. Our guests undergo a greater degree of personal change than most places, a full life transformation, and tend to do very well.

We encourage our alumni to keep in touch, and many do through various mechanisms we have in place including social media. We hear many success stories from very grateful people, and some we never hear from again.

If your son wants our help, we would be pleased to hear from him.

I hope this puts this complex issue into perspective for you.


Kind regards,


John Derry,  Director, Serenity Vista



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