Rehab To Quit Smoking?

Residential Treatment For Smoking Cessation

residential nicotine treatment at Serenity Vista drug rehab

Stats say in the US: 70% percent of all nicotine users want to quit.

 So I get that most people can’t quit on their own – but residential treatment? That seems extreme.

Nicotine addiction is drug addiction. Make no mistake about that. If you are still smoking, you are in active drug addiction. Addiction can be defined as continuing to use a substance (or behavior) despite negative consequences. Ask yourself if that applies to your smoking behaviors. Being an active nicotine addict means a continuous dance between physiological nicotine withdrawal, emotional, mental and physical craving, and replenishing the nicotine in the body, 10 – 30 times a day.

OK, maybe so, but what happens in nicotine addiction treatment? Will I be with other addicts?

Addiction is addiction is addiction. No matter what addiction a person comes to rehab for, there is almost always a concern about fellow guests. Again, make no mistake, addiction is addiction is addiction. The good news is, though, that the treatment solution is always the same regardless of the manifestation of the disease. Smokers often think they are different. But then, so do cocaine addicts, alcohol-only addicts, pot users or what-have-you. People are often surprised at the beginning of their 4590 day stay that the focus is not on the substance, but about a complete change of attitude and behaviors. There is a focus on feelings. Learning to experience and live life on ‘life’s terms’ with peace of mind. A renewed zest for life. Happy to be alive, breath deep, and take in all that life offers with gratitude and deep connection to life.

The Nicotine Patch

What happens specifically for the nicotine addicted person in rehab? First of all, we address the physiological addiction by having people wear the nicotine patch in a tapering dose for about a week. Cold turkey for heavy nicotine users is not an option at Serenity Vista. There is no other use of nicotine; no vapors, no gum, no lozenges, chew or snuff. The control of the patch and it’s rate of nicotine delivery is by a ‘power greater than yourself’. This is distinctly different than other forms of nicotine replacement products which are used ‘on demand’ to change the way you feel. That only serves to perpetuate the cycle of addiction. And this is just the beginning of your journey of recovery of body, mind and spirit. The start of your new healthy life as a non-smoker!

Holistic Healing From Nicotine Addiction

Using a variety of healing modalities, you will address all areas of your body, mind and spirit. A complement of professional therapies, moderate exercise, recreation, nutritious and delicious fresh regular meals begin the healing process. Nicotine Anonymous materials are used. The 12 Steps work the best, for the most, and although you may have concern about 12 Step Groups, they are the experts in not using, one day at a time. You can therefore learn a lot from them.

Hardly Anyone Smokes in Boquete, Panama

Serenity Vista is a great location for a residential addiction treatment facility for many reasons. Specifically, in regards to nicotine cessation, the Panamanian nicotine laws and customs are among the most progressive in the world. It is rare to see, or smell, people smoking or vaping nicotine. In-fact, when there is a smoker in the community, it is note-worthy and a reminder of the slavery of active addiction.

Support and Healing in Panama

Come and experience the fresh mountain air and cool spring-like breezes at Serenity Vista. Drug rehab abroad with fresh air, refreshing scenery, and new beginnings. Enjoy delightful tropical fruits and romping with our sweet chocolate Labrador retriever, Ceiba. Drift to sleep on the soothing night chorus of the cicadas and frogs. Wake up nicotine free one more day and realize you are a non-smoker.

Located in one of the world’s most beautiful, pristine, and naturally beautiful destinations, what better setting could there be for restoration of health and vitality? Come, refresh, renew, and take a deep breath of new life!

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