Soaring Rates of Alcoholism Among Young Business People

Soaring Rates of Alcoholism Among Young Business People

What can a young businessperson do if they’re struggling with alcoholism? Businesspeople lead very busy lives, full of stress and anxiety and high-intensity temptations. Many businessmen or businesswomen find themselves struggling against substance abuse – whether it’s in the form of drug addiction or alcoholism. Unfortunately, statistics are showing that the rates of alcoholism for young business people are soaring right now. More and more businessmen and businesswomen spend more and more money on alcohol, even sometimes going as far as blowing thousands of dollars in one night. So if you’re young businessperson who’s struggling with alcoholism, you should know you’re not alone. But, the good news is that you can get the help you need in order to overcome alcoholism. Click here to learn more about what you can expect from alcohol treatment.

Soaring Rates of Alcoholism Among Young Business PeopleYoung Businessmen and Businesswomen Spending More and More on Alcohol

Young professionals are spending more and more time and money out drinking. According to the Financial Post, “Data has shown a steady increase in heavy drinking among young men and women. Almost 34% of people aged 20 to 34 were considered heavy drinkers (reported having had five or more drinks on one occasion, at least once a month in the year).” And the trends are changing: instead of college students going out to get black-out drunk, now young professionals are going out—sometimes 5 nights a week or more. One bar owner said, “I’ve seen people spend upwards of $10,000 in one night. In order to spend that much, you have to be buying a lot of champagne.” Click here to learn more about alcohol among young professionals.

How to Fight a Drinking Problem?

Do I have a drinking problem? When you’re struggling against the temptation to drink too much, spend too much money on drinking, and find yourself blacking out, then you know it’s time to get help for drinking problem. And statistics have shown time and time again that is difficult or even impossible for people to overcome alcoholism on their own. That’s why it’s so important that you get the help and support you need in a high-quality alcohol rehab center. Alcohol rehab is by far the best remedy for a drinking problem. You can overcome your dependency and reclaim your life.

The Best in Alcohol Rehab

Where can I go for the best in alcoholism rehab? When you’re a young businessman or businesswoman struggling with a drinking problem, now is the best time to begin your course of alcohol treatment. And Serenity Vista is your top choice for alcohol rehab. Located in the beautiful Caribbean nation of Panama, Serenity Vista offers you the beauty and tranquility you need to help you overcome substance abuse and learn how to live a sober lifestyle. And, our Caribbean luxury rehab is such a good value—it’s roughly 1/3 the price of basic rehab in the US or Canada. And, to make an even greater value, when you book a 90 day stay we’ll buy your plane ticket for you! Up to $1000 worth. Click here to learn more about our 90-day rehab program.


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