Sober For Christmas?

The Gift of Sobriety this Christmas!

5 Reasons for Why the Holiday Season is a Good Time to Choose Rehab


Sober for Christmas

If an addiction has taken over your life, you are probably going to be approaching the holiday season with a sense of dread or excitement – maybe a bit of both. This is a time of year when there are plenty of excuses to party, but there is also the risk of ruining another Christmas for the people we love.

A Safe Haven over the Holiday Season

Each January there is a surge in the number of people trying to quit alcohol or other drugs. This isn’t just due to the popularity of New Year’s resolutions – it is also because so many of these individuals hit rock bottom over the holiday season. Maybe you will hit your rock bottom at this time of year.

Bottoms always get progressively worse, leading to relationship difficulties, work problems, financial difficulty, physical health deterioration, and eventually death. But here’s the news: your bottom doesn’t have to go any lower. ‘Your bottom is when you stop digging!’

If you’ve suffered enough, and rehab can provide you with a safe haven over the holidays. Click here for some sobering stats about drinking and the holidays.

The Gift of Sobriety for You

How long has it been since you were given a Christmas gift that really made you happy? Not since childhood? Maybe, you believe that such gifts are no longer possible in your life, but this is not the truth at all. You can give yourself the gift of sobriety this Christmas, and this will be the greatest gift you’ve ever received.

The Gift of Sobriety for Your Family

 I always swore that the next Christmas would be different – that I wouldn’t let things get out of control. Things just happened when I was drinking, and despite my best intentions, I always spent Christmas Day feeling full of remorse for hurting the people I loved – again. ~Paul G.

You may feel full of remorse about how you hurt your family in the past, but you need to remember you are dealing with a disease. It is unlikely you ever set out to hurt anyone, but you were ‘acting out’ due to your addiction. You can’t change the past, but you can plant the seeds for a better future. Going to rehab is the best gift you could ever give to your family.

A New Year and a New You

Do you want next year to be more or less a repeat performance of this one? If you are caught up in addiction, you are not only likely to get more of the same, but it is likely to get even worse. By going to rehab, you will be pointing your life in a new direction so that next year won’t be just more of the same.

Enjoy the Best Christmas Ever!

There is going to be important work for you to do in rehab, but there is also plenty of time for fun too. Here at Serenity Vista, you will be celebrating Christmas in a community where you feel supported and safe. Can you imagine how much better it is going to feel to wake up this Christmas morning knowing that you are doing the right things to move your life in a new direction? Here are some tips for staying sober over the holidays.

Drug Rehab in a Tropical Country for Christmas

Another benefit for choosing rehab during the winter holidays is choosing a tropical drug rehab to stay warm! Serenity Vista is located in tropical Panama, a short flight away, warm, safe and welcoming. Click here to learn more about Panama. Give your loved ones the very best gift you can give – a healthy you!

Christmas, like every day at Serenity Vista, is time of joy and gratitude. We have a seat at our Christmas table for you or your loved one!

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