The Surprising Link Between Depression and Drug Addiction

The Surprising Link Between Depression and Drug Addiction

What is the real connection between drug addiction and depression? You might not know it, but there is a lot of evidence that ties together the incidences of both drug addiction (including alcoholism) and the various kinds of clinical depression. Depression (including major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder) predispose someone toward a higher rate of drug addiction or abuse—or alcoholism. The link can be further confusing since addiction to alcohol and many other depressant drugs can also cause depression. But the good news is that a positive-minded program of drug treatment at a rehab center can help you to overcome addiction, and journey toward recovery. Click here to learn more about how addiction impacts your health in other ways.

Often Addiction Comes from Wanting to Numb Pain

The Surprising Link Between Depression and Drug Addiction

Have you ever thought about losing yourself in alcohol or other drugs? Do you ever want to just escape life, and take refuge in oblivion? Many, many people begin taking drugs at first just to escape the emotional pain that troubles them. But once they’re addicted, it’s very hard to stop. Unfortunately, depression and addiction tend to reinforce each other. As you get more and more addicted, it’s easier and easier to get desperate. Your body begins to crave the next fix. You feel like you need to fulfill that raging desire. And when you come off that high, your emotions can crash—often down into the deepest pit of depression. And then that depression makes you want to seek out the next drug hit, so that you can get that high and leave those depressive emotions behind.

Get in a Positive Mindset

So how to get past addiction and depression? Acknowledging you have a problem and need help is the beginning. And from there you can seek professional advice to develop strategies to fight the depressive moods and get the help you need. And checking into a drug rehab center is one of the best ways to address the root of your problems, using the help and support of fellow recoverers and staff. Remember, you can do this, but you can not do it alone! Help is available. Click here to learn more about the link between depression and drug addiction. 

Positive Drug Rehab in Sunny Caribbean Paradise

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