Surrender to Win

Surrender to Win

Definition of surrender


Find Victory in Defeat

What does ‘Surrender to Win’ really mean? Surrender is one of those words right up there with ‘humility’, ‘discipline’ and ‘obedience’. However, in addiction recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction or other addiction, we learn to look at things in a new light.  If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change, so try on this new definition of Surrender. It just might change your life.

Come to tropical Panama and let us help you experience the life of recovery you’ve dreamed of. On the winning side! Recovery isn’t difficult. In fact, our holistic program can be a lot of fun. Interesting, challenging, stimulating, exciting, and hope filled. It’s the struggle with alcohol, drugs, addiction, negative consequences, and despair that is so difficult, endless and painful. When you ‘hit bottom’ and choose to ‘surrender’, to reach out for help, we are here for you.

And remember, your ‘bottom’ can be when you simply stop digging!  Now there is a freeing concept! Easy does it!

Co-dependency Retreat in Panama, a sober vacation in paradise where you can take home more than just great pictures.



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