The 12th Step- Practicing Twelve Step Principles in Rehab

The 12th Step- Practicing Twelve Step Principles in Rehab

Panama, Home of Serenity Vista where twelve step principles are taught and brought to life for healthy recovery from addiction

Practicing Twelve Step Principles – What We Preach (suggest) – in Rehab

When the time came to broaden our horizons and seek a new home more aligned to our rehab’s spiritual framework, it was only when we opened ourselves to all possibilities, no matter where in the world, that we were led to the ‘best’ place on earth. Where practicing twelve step principles is more than lip service, where it is the essence of the recovery experience and philosophy.

The globe was searched for the perfect place to establish a special place of healing from addiction. Preconceived notions of practical considerations, province, country, geography, culture, and distance were cast aside. Through a series of serendipitous synchronicities, and some exciting tragedies/blessings (point of view), Panama, sprang into our awareness.

We found our way to the utopian mountainous highland region of Boquete, famous for rainbows, flowers, birds, and coffee. The climate is a forever spring time. Every aspect of Boquete, including its globally central location of Panama, where the world meets, the idyllic climate, natural beauty, rich culture and strong recovery community all combined to create a special place of serenity and healing.

Serenity Vista was born, where a small intimate group of up to 8 guests enjoy expansive, beautiful gardens and streams. Weekly recreational outings provide additional opportunities to experience the varied abundance and diversity of the area. The robust program guides guests on an exciting journey of discovery, recovery, and transformation. Immersed in Boquete’s healing infusion of spirit, guests grow in strength of body, mind, and spirit.

There is no longer a search, but an openess to all possibilities. How will Serenity Vista grow in the Americas and internationally? Who knows? Who will find their way to our doors, and open themselves to a spiritual awakening of transformational proportions? Who knows?

But we’re not worried about that. No longer searching. Staying open, one day at a time, just doing the next right thing, one foot in front of the other, here, and now, in Boquete, miracles burst forth…wait, that sounds like what we tell our guests! Funny how that works eh!?

Now open to accepting referrals and guests. Please pass it on.

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