The Shift Movie Review From Addiction Rehab

The Shift Movie Review From Addiction Rehab

Starring Dr. Wayne Dyer, widely known and well respected author and speaker in the area of personal development and spirituality. Reviewed by Maya, Rehab Intern at Serenity Vista

The ShiftThe Shift, also titled From Ambition To Meaning, is a spiritual, and unique film. It follows three intertwined stories of characters as well as Dr. Wayne Dyer being interviewed by a film crew that are also characters in the film. The characters include: a mother, her husband and two young children, an accomplished businessman and his wife and an aspiring filmmaker who directs Dr. Dyer’s interview. The story depicts each character’s unfolding shift through their experience at this stunning and beautiful setting location. Dr. Wayne Dyer discusses the shift from the morning of your life to the afternoon of your life or from ambition to meaning in order to find your true life purpose.

This movie is amazing. I have enjoyed it very much. I love  Dr. Wayne Dyer’s wisdom. I love that it is a real movie with three different stories of people’s life shifting gently from ambition to meaning. We are invited to embark on the journey with each character and discover step by step what this shift means in one’s life. Filled with real life examples, it makes it easy to understand the concepts that Dr. Wayne Dyer shares.

What is the shift?

According to Dr. Dyer, it is the most important moment of our life, when we move from believing success is “out there”, to the meaning phase of our life, where success is “in here”. In other words, it is the time when we find our true purpose, what brings us joy and meaning. We find the music we came here to play.

From Dr. Wayne Dyer’s point of view, for our first 9 months of our life we are in a place of surrendering to life. Suddenly, as we are born, parents, society, culture edges out our divine being and takes over. We take on an ego self that is the opposite of the place of Spirit from which we came. Ego in this context is our false self, from which we inherited two false beliefs. The first one is that we are what we have and that the more we have, the more valuable we are. The second one is that we are what other people think of us. As we start identifying more and more to the ego mind, our worth is derived by our accomplishments and reputation. We start viewing life as a competition where we must win and be better than others. The ego lives from this need to separate itself.

Don’t die with your music still in you. ~ Dr. Wayne  Dyer

Surprisingly, there is a time when no matter what we have accomplished, we feel a calling for something different. This moment is called a quantum moment, when we feel that something is missing. We feel a need to find more meaning in what we do. We move from what can I get to how can I serve. This is when a small first shift in our thought pattern happens. This is when we move away from the ego, when we forget about ourselves and our desire to serve others emerges. The essential facet in this shift, Dr. Dyer says, is the detachment from the outcome of things. It is when we decide to stop the fight and start trusting where the source is taking us.

How can we know if a shift has happen for someone? We can simply see this in the values that have changed. Dr. Wayne shares a study comparing the value system of both women and men before and after this quantum moment. Women’s five primary values when in the ambition phase were in order: Family, Independence, Career, Fitting-in, and Pleasing. After a quantum moment, their value turned upside down. The priority shifted to Personal-Growth, Self-
Esteem, Spirituality, Happiness and lastly Forgiveness.

For men the change went from Wealth, Adventure, Achieving, Pleasure, and being Respected to Spirituality becoming the most important thing. Personal-Peace and Family rise in the top priorities when those were very low on the scale before the shift to meaning. This is very interesting proof that once we live our purpose from our spirit, we put more importance on our inner relationship with ourselves as well as the relationship with our family. We are filled with a new sense of self that derives no longer from a fearful ego but from four virtues such as Respect, Honesty, Kindness and being at Service for others. In this new phase of meaning, one feels more fulfilled and complete.

I recommend this beautiful, inspiring movie to anyone who wants to discover what their life purpose is, and wants to find more meaning in their everyday life.This Shift movie review gets a big thumbs up! As Rita Schiano says:

You are only a thought away from changing your life.


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The Shift – Ambition To Meaning, is just one of the many great films on the play list at Serenity Vista. We believe that healing from addiction involves body, mind and spirit. Our film library facilitates meeting various spiritual teachers who can enhance recovery. Serenity Vista is a private pay, addiction treatment centre facility that helps people heal from alcohol, nicotine, cocaine or opiate addictions, as well as codependency and food addictions.



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