One of World’s Top Private Rehabs

Serenity Vista Featured as a Top Private Rehab

Serenity Vista featured by The Visitor magazine as a World Top Private Rehab for alcohol & drug addiction treatment

Serenity Vista is not a typical ‘rehab’. Since it’s founding in 2012, Serenity Vista has helped numerous people from all over the world to recover from alcoholism and other forms of addiction. The English speaking program is ideal for North American or European expats living in Central and South America, locals who are able to speak English, and any other individual worldwide that is seeking a private, discreet and extremely effective holistic addiction treatment.

What makes Serenity Vista unique in the world?

A maximum of 6 guests, and an individualized holistic program treating body, mind and spirit. The dedication and passion of the co-founders, John and Jane Derry, and their carefully picked ex-pat professional team of therapists and facilitators are impressive. Located in beautiful Boquete, the setting is spacious and tranquil. The mountain air is clean and fresh, food is deliciously & lovingly prepared. Colorful flowers & birds, rivers and creeks, rainbows and the world’s best coffee is grown in the neighborhood.

There is a chocolate Labrador retriever dog named Ceiba who loves to play and share her joy. Weekly visits to The Haven Spa for massage, yoga & access to their full fitness facilities, art & music therapy, and fun outdoor recreation trips enrich their holistic, world-class program of recovery.  Guests enjoy the adventure of horseback riding, zip-lining in the tropical cloud forest, and beautiful hikes to waterfalls, just to name a few of the varied outings.

What can a person expect from a world class top private rehab for residential alcohol or other addiction treatment?

As a top private rehab, expect nothing less than a metamorphosis. A new outlook on life, peace of mind and peace of heart. And the tools to live life, one day at a time, without picking up a drink, a drug or a visit to the casino. Family and relationships are restored and trust is regained.  Zest for life and enthusiasm is a daily gift.

Addictions to alcohol, nicotine, other drugs, codependency, gambling or other unhealthy behaviors can affect anyone, any time, regardless of age, gender, social class, education or nationality. Active addiction destroys the most valuable aspects of life. Family, relationships, jobs, homes, self-respect and life itself.  The bad news is that addiction always gets worse. The good news is, there is help, and full recovery is possible.

And, Serenity Vista is one of the world’s top rehabs, right here in Panama. Worlds Best Rehab Magazinehas recognized Serenity Vista Panama as “one of the world’s best rehabs“, awareded for it’s “outstanding and transformative work with clients and exceptional success rate over many years.”

Ref: The Visitor / El Visitante, 2019; 25, 13: 18-19.


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