Living in the Moment at Tropical Drug Rehab

Living in the Moment at Caribbean Private Pay Drug Rehab

One of the benefits of choosing a tropical drug rehab is the environment encourages your thinking to slow down. Life tends to be a much rougher ride when you mind is busy churning up thoughts about the past and present. During your stay here at Serenity Vista, you are going to learn to live in the moment because this is the key to sobriety and happiness. Click here for tips on living in the moment.

One Day at a Time

Just for today, I will try to live through this day only, and not tackle my whole life problem at once. I can do something for twelve hours that would appall me if I felt that I had to keep it up for a lifetime.
12-Step – Just for Today Card

Tropical Drug RehabIf you try to consider all the stuff you need to do during your stay at rehab, it may feel as if your head is about to explode. Building a strong recovery involves a lot of work, and it is understandable that people could feel overwhelmed by it all. The good news is that you are not going to have to do all of this work at once – all that is required is that you take one simple step at a time, and each step is going to move you further away from addiction and closer to a fulfilling and happy life. Taking it one day at a time doesn’t mean that you that you ignore the future completely. During your stay at Serenity Vista, it is vital that you prepare for the transition back home, but you only do this one step at a time.  Dividing your life into one-day compartments is going to make things feel more manageable, but learning to live even more in the present moment can lead to increased serenity.

Emotional Sobriety and Living in the Present Moment

Unless you learn to live in the present moment, you are going to be spending a lot of time regretting the past or worrying about the future. These negative emotions can suck all the joy out of sobriety – it can even become a justification to relapse. It can mean that no matter how much your life improves, you don’t notice because your mind is elsewhere.  The ability to live in the present moment is a feature of emotional sobriety. It means that you are comfortable with your feelings, so you no longer need to hide no matter what is happening externally. Emotional sobriety means accepting that what’s done is done and that tomorrow is a complete mystery. All that matters is what is happening now because that’s the only reality that exists. There are always going to ups and downs in life and emotional sobriety, and it’s a bit like waves on the ocean – emotional sobriety is all about becoming a skilled surfer. Click here to learn more about emotional sobriety.

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Learn to Live in the Moment

Learning to live in the present moment takes practice, but you can begin to develop this habit while staying with us here at Serenity Vista. The ‘one day at a time’ approach to recovery has already helped millions of people take control of their life, and it can do the same for you. Click here to learn more about the Serenity Vista Private Pay Drug Rehab Program.

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