Tropical Rehab: Ten Things That Will Surprise You

Tropical Rehab Top Ten

Top 10 reasons for Tropical Rehab at Serenity Vista

Rehab.” We know, you’ve heard it all before. But before you decide once and for all that alcohol & drug rehab is not for you, consider these ten surprising facts about treating addiction at tropical rehab in a vacation paradise:

1. It’s fun

While it is true that rehab is hard work, contrary to common belief it’s also a lot of fun, especially at Serenity Vista tropical rehab. Find out more about our fun and amazing activities here!

2. It’s friendly

 No mean nurses or grumpy doctors here. Only dedicated, compassionate, and extremely friendly staff ready to make you feel at home at tropical rehab and get started helping you recover from addiction.

3. It’s relaxing

Addiction and stress go hand in hand, which is why a major healing component at Serenity Vista Tropical Rehab is relaxation-centric techniques such as yoga, meditation, massage, and more.

4. It’s supportive

In addition to an amazing staff, we are home to one of the most supportive rehab communities you’ll find anywhere. Come to Serenity Vista tropical rehab for treatment and along with lasting sobriety you’ll gain life-long friendships.

5. It’s creative

Like stress, addiction and creativity go hand in hand. At Serenity Vista tropical rehab, we harness the power of creativity and use it as a powerful force toward healing in drug rehab. Find out more about our innovative art therapy techniques here.

6. It’s breathtakingly beautiful

Mountains, fresh air, beaches, jungles, song birds, flowers – the list of gorgeous natural attractions at our tropical rehab retreat in Boquete, Panama is endless. Come see for yourself why Panama is called the number-one travel destination and the best location for treatment.

7. It’s holistic

There are no one-offs here. Rather than treating symptoms with quick fixes, our treatment programs take a whole-person approach. We know addiction runs deep and requires a 360-degree treatment. We can say without doubt or hesitation that we offer the best holistic drug and alcohol treatment available anywhere in the world. Experience living in the moment in the beauty of nature. In fact, Serenity Vista tropical rehab has been independently rated as one of the top 10 drug rehabs in the world!

8. It’s affordable

Unlike the so called “leading” addiction treatment centers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, our program is considerably more cost effective. Compared to conventional (and often ineffective) alcohol & drug addiction treatment centers which cost nearly three times as much, Serenity Vista tropical rehab is the unequivocally best affordable private-pay drug and alcohol rehab.

9. It’s effective

Unlike other drug rehab centers, our goal is to send you away as a recovered alcoholic or addict. We do not desire a repeat customer. Morning, noon, and night we are wholly invested in helping you achieve freedom from addiction. And don’t just take it from us. Hear it from others who have walked in your shoes, arrived at our doorstep, and left completely transformed and wholly recovered.

10. It’s for YOU

We know drug and alcohol treatment is personal. No one-size-fits-all program can call itself effective. We customize your program to fit YOUR needs. We accept a maximum of 6 guests at any one time. This means you will be treated individually, with dignity and respect, in a beautiful and comfortable setting. Rehab is for you – in fact at Serenity Vista, tropical drug rehab is just for you!

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