What Type of Drug Rehabs Are There? Is There a Big Difference?

What Type of Drug Rehab Should I Choose?

You’ve decided to go to a drug rehab, and now comes the daunting task of deciding where to go. What type of  drug rehab should you choose? There are literally thousands of choices around the world. How to choose the right drug rehab for you? Review the types of alcoholism or addiction treatment facilities to see what is the best fit for you.

sailing-in-drug-rehabThere are several different types of rehab programs. The 4 most common are:

1. Government Funded Type of Drug Rehabs

2. Medical Model– Hospital Type of Drug Rehabs

3. Celebrity Style Type of Drug Rehabs

4. Small professional, privately owned and operated type drug rehab addiction treatment centers

Government Funded Type Drug Rehabs

State or provincially funded type drug rehabs are either paid in full by taxpayers for those with low income that qualifies support, or they may charge a co-pay to the client with higher incomes or assets.  They are usually large, institutional in nature, bureaucratic in organizational structure and operation. They are usually very full, with long waiting lists. Often they are populated with people coming from the justice system who have been court mandated into treatment. You may find other clients who have been in and out of these treatment centers many times. If you are new to the idea of addiction treatment, it may be hard to believe that some treatment centers are full of people who don’t want to be there, and who actually may be taking drugs while in the facility. The low wages these facilities are able to offer their staff does not attract the highest qualified counselors. Often they are staffed with people who may be fairly new in recovery; sometimes recent graduates of the facility themselves with little or no professional training. Some people do get and stay sober in these government funded institutions, but their recovery success rates and living environments may not necessarily be the most conducive to your individual needs.

Hospital Setting Type of Drug Rehabs

Working more on a medical model, there will be lots of white coats, diagnosis made and medications given in these hospital institutional type drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers.  There are line ups at the cafeterias, large classrooms, lectures in the auditorium, dormitory style rooms and maybe trips to the YMCA for swimming once a week, or volleyball in the gymnasium for weekly recreation. There could be hundreds of other patients, as they are called, and not much of individualized therapy. Classroom, auditorium, and large group therapy is the norm. Therapy is usually clinically appropriate according to text books and standards of practice for large populations, but not highly individualized to your personal needs or situation. The setting is more clinical or sterile in nature and medically oriented, treating diagnosed diseases and dual diagnosis of co-occurring conditions. Effective for many of the masses, but not necessarily the warmest of environments or individualized for you as a person.

Celebrity Type Drug Rehabs

Perhaps the best known by people who have never actually been in rehab before, because of the popularization and sensationalism of television and other forms of press and media. These luxurious types of drug rehabs  are congregated in places expensive real estate like Malibu, huge mansions catering to the rich and famous. As seen on TV, the clients sometimes run the place, and are able to do mostly what they wish and when they want to. The amounts of money are so high, that the client’s every whim catered to lest they get angry and leave. You know you have seen pictures of celebrities in these facilities; confidentiality is often compromised because of the paparazzi. If you have read about or seen pictures of celebrities in rehab, you know that confidentiality and privacy are not respected, and you can expect the same treatment. Rehab should not be a stage to play out dramas at exorbitant prices, which is often the case in these more ‘famous’ high class settings.

Private, Small Professional Type Drug Rehabs

The fourth type of drug addiction rehab is often less advertised and known about. They are owned and operated by persons who have a passion for helping those suffering from the disease of addiction. They are private, accepting no government funding. By not accepting any funding, these facilities are not bound by the shifting whims of government, and their client’s records are completely divorced from government, insurance or medical records. Many of the big rehabs like the Betty Ford/Hazeldens spend more money advertising to reach each client than  smaller rehabs charge for the full program.  Serenity Vista Retreat is one such facility located in the beautiful and safe Republic of Panama. The program is holistic, based on the time tested and proven 12 Steps and the Minnesota model of recovery. The therapists and facilitators are all credentialed professionals in their fields, from psychology to addictions counselling to art therapy and yoga. The setting is green and lush with tropical flowers and birds,  space for a relaxing contemplation in the hammock. Because Serenity Vista is an international drug rehab in Central America, the prices are very low compared to North America. Panama is easy and cheap to fly to, and Boquete is a haven for expats and backpackers. And there is sailing on the Pacific Coast in Serenity Vista’s own sailboatFind out more about Boquete here.

What’s best type of drug rehabs for me?

Find the type of drug rehab that best fits your needs and situation. There is no one best type of rehab for everyone. Consider your situation and where the disease of alcoholism or other addiction is taking you and your family. What type of care and setting do you desire and tend to thrive in the best? What quality of life in recovery do you hope to achieve? How important are your individual needs and assurance of privacy and confidentiality?

Addiction is a progressive fatal disease. Give yourself the best for your needs the first time for the greatest chance of achieving sustained, long term sobriety. It is an important investment where the outcomes affect your life, and that of your family for generations to come in many ways. Making the choice to find an affordable, non-bureaucratic, warm and professional rehab experience can make all the difference to your healing. Learn more about what a day at Serenity Vista is like, and contact us for more information.

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