Why Panama is an Ideal Luxury Rehab Destination

Why Panama for Drug Rehab

Addiction is a global health crisis that isn’t going away anytime soon. An estimated 240 million people worldwide are dependent on alcohol, and 15 million more use injection drugs. Addiction is prevalent in all age groups, socioeconomic brackets and geographic locations, and it’s a stressful and isolating experience no matter who you are.

However, for those in the public eye, addiction presents unique challenges that can be difficult to navigate. For executives, political leaders and even pop stars, an extra level of discretion is necessary when treating addiction because of the intense scrutiny public figures face.

How is the Experience of Addiction Different for Public Figures?

Public figures have a unique experience of addiction. If you’re a politician or high-level business executive, your reputation plays a central role in gaining the trust of voters, political allies, employees and shareholders. If your reputation is called into question, it could cost you your professional standing or even your job.

In a perfect world, addiction would be treated as any other illness. You would take time off to get treatment and come back refreshed and ready to get back to work. However, there is still a great deal of stigma around addiction, and if a public figure discloses that they have an addiction, the news isn’t always received with the compassion that it warrants.

After pop star Demi Lovato overdosed on heroin in July, the world’s most popular YouTube star posted a meme mocking her struggles. And politicians like Rob Ford and Marion Barry went through addiction as the world and a concerned electorate watched — and laughed. Their addictions cost them credibility and trust, and in Ford’s case, his addiction cost him his health.

What’s notable about public figures who are addicted is that they so often wait until their addiction reaches a crisis level to get treatment — if they get treatment at all. Being in the public eye can be isolating, and it’s easy to surround yourself with people who enable your addiction or avoid getting treatment because of the effect it could have on your reputation. But everyone deserves access to quality treatment, regardless of their place in the world, and fame should never be a barrier to getting the help you need.

Panama Offers Natural Beauty and Privacy

The decision to put aside your many commitments to dedicate time to treatment can be difficult, but for treatment to be effective, patients must remove themselves as much as possible from stressful triggers and the environment that enabled their addiction. This is why public figures should consider an international facility, and Panama is one of the best options.

Known as the “Crossroad of the Americas” because it’s located at the intersection of North and South America, Panama offers natural beauty, friendly people, a relaxing environment and a rich and vibrant culture. The famous Panama Canal attracts its fair share of tourists, but Panama has many other tourist attractions such as the Coiba National Marine Park and the cosmopolitan Panama City.

Visit Panama! Over 2 million tourists visit Panama annually, and the country has a vibrant expat community of over 25,000 US citizens. Panama’s economy is booming, and its strong ties to the US government ensure that US businesses, expats and tourists are treated well. Panama’s national currency is the US dollar, and it’s a short flight from most locations in the US.

However, the most compelling reason that Panama is a top choice for addiction treatment among public figures is that it offers the privacy that patients in a high-profile profession need. There won’t be any incriminating medical records, and on paper your trip to Panama will be nothing more than a much-deserved retreat to a tropical oasis.

Panama is a Safe Alternative to California Rehabs

Many high profile clients choose to stay close to home, and rehabs in California are a favorite for public figures, especially those in the entertainment industry. However, the odds of getting photographed by the paparazzi are high, as shrewd photographers always seem to get a shot of celebrities entering or leaving rehab.

And even leaving aside the privacy risks, the rehab industry in California has recently come under scrutiny due to an explosion of unethical treatment centers in the region. The recent California wildfires drew attention to the lack of disaster planning that rehab facilities in the area had in place, and many treatment centers struggled to keep patients by putting them in hotel rooms with limited supervision.

The issues with rehab centers in Southern California have been brewing for a while: unethical treatment centers take advantage of the lack of reliable information about addiction treatment options and use tactics such as gaming Google searches, hiring “body brokers” to recruit struggling addicts and misrepresenting the nature of the treatment they provide. The effects of these practices have been catastrophic: an average of one person dies every two weeks in a California rehab facility, and complaints about treatment quality and widespread abuses at California rehabs are pouring in.

Given the recent information that’s come to light about California rehab centers, it’s no wonder many patients are searching for a safe alternative to what insiders call the Rehab Riviera and its insidious practices.

High Profile Clients Need Luxury, Discretion and Quality Treatment

If you’re a public figure struggling with addiction, you may be reluctant to ask for help. We get it: it’s hard to know where to turn to get individualized treatment and total privacy. If this is you, consider Serenity Vista’s facility in Boquete, Panama.

Serenity Vista is a luxury private drug rehab. We can help you safely and discreetly recover from drug addiction, alcoholism, codependency, or other forms of addiction including smoking. Our holistic recovery program offers personalized treatment plans with elements such as cognitive behavioral therapy, group sharing sessions, artistic expression, meditation and much more. We don’t just want to help our patients stop using: we want to go deeper to transform their lives.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

Why Panama for Drug Rehab

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