3 Good Reasons To Go To Rehab

Why Would I Want to go to Rehab?why go to rehab

No one starts out as a youngster with aspirations of finding reasons of why to go to rehab! No young parent starts a drug rehab fund for their child like they do for college. However, today that might be a good idea. Given the epidemic of opioid addiction sweeping North America and the dramatically rising alcoholism rates, the odds are high drug or alcohol rehab may possibly be in your future.

We know, finding out why to go to rehab wasn’t in your plans. But if you are misusing alcohol or other drugs, or concerned you might have a problem, here are 3 really good reasons why to go to rehab.

1. To stay out of jail

First of all, there are lots of ways that addiction fuels crime. These include, but are certainly not limited to: drug trafficking, stealing to support an addiction, along with embezzlement and pilfering. This list sadly includes DUI’s, vehicular manslaughter, assault, and public disturbance. Being under the influence or being sick from craving makes for bad judgment at all levels. More than 50% of all crimes committed are drug related in some way.

2. To stay out of hospital or psych ward

The most obvious reason an addict ends up in the hospital is an overdose. However, addiction wreaks havoc in many other ways too. Some other common reasons are falling, motor vehicle crashes, infections, liver damage, Hepatitis C, and stroke. On the mental health side, there is depression, psychosis, paranoia, anxiety, aggression, hallucinations, and other mental problems.

3. To stay out of the morgue

Although drug related deaths are deafening right now, overdosing is hardly a new phenomenon.  The myth of ‘health benefits of drinking red wine’ has been blasted now for decades. Alcohol is a Class 1 carcinogenic. Opiates like heroin or fentanyl kill much more quickly, as can cocaine and methamphetamine. Nicotine addiction usually takes a little longer to manifest in death, but it is the number one cause of preventable death in the world. Make no mistake about it, addiction kills in all it’s forms. Not only does it kill the body, but it also kills the spirit, the heart, the soul, peace of mind, relationships, self-respect, and hope.

Alcoholism, and other forms of addiction, is chronic, progressive, and, if untreated, ultimately fatal. That is the harsh reality.

Good Reasons Why To Go To Rehab

The cold hard truth about addiction is that, untreated, it never gets better. As bad as things might seem right now, they will get worse. And not only that but, they can get worse in a real hurry. And, people that don’t need rehab never wonder if they need rehab. It is just the nature of boozing and drugging. As a result it is often called the disease of denial. The saying is that there are only 3 places an active alcoholic or addict will end up if they don’t change direction – jails, institutions or death.

If you are looking for a good reason to go to rehab – have a look to see where you are headed if you don’t go.

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