90 Day Extended Treatment Programs


90 Day Extended Treatment

90 Day Extended Treatment Programs at Serenity Vista Rehab Retreat

Addictions take time to form – and time to resolve. That’s why we offer 90 day extended treatment programs.

People that commit to, and complete full 90 day extended treatment programs, really see a complete transformation in their lives. These people have time to integrate what they are learning, for it to become part of who they are. Recovery is not an intellectual exercise. Heart learning takes longer. ~ John Derry

When did you become an addict? Do you remember the day it happened? Like many alcoholics & addicts, struggling daily and living from one relapse to another, you are probably unable to trace the roots of your addiction back to a single event. Instead, addictive behavior is created and solidified over long stretches of time. Like a canyon widening and deepening for millennia against the forces of storm, water and wind, our addictions are carved by years of thought patterns, belief systems, choices, emotions such as guilt & pain, and behavior patterns. One poor and often innocent choice leads to another and yet another until over time a habit emerges. Add to that alcohol, other drugs, smoking, unhealthy sex, gambling, and other impulsive behavior, and these repeated patterns can establish a painful and eventually iron-clad path: the long and lonely road of addiction.

And while many who suffer from addiction have journeyed on to discover the road to recovery, few have found the true trail to real freedom. For many addicts, relapse into repeated abuse is the all-too familiar inevitability. Failing to recognize that addictions develop over a long time involving a gradual, cause-and-effect processes, we likewise fail to devote a proportional amount of time necessary to for recovery to correct and overcome them. To establish new, healthy thought, feeling and behavior patterns that are life enhancing. We forget that with addiction, every moment we spend in it simply reinforces it. Recovery is therefore a process that can take considerable time for lasting effect.

Time and Experience

Time is not the only invisible force mounted against us in our struggle to be free. An addict’s daily experiences also betray him or her. Habit ingrains habit. If everyday we wake up and have a drink, or a smoke, or get our fix otherwise, the simple act of waking up becomes the trigger. This is true anytime we indulge or give in to our vices, whether it’s done while working, walking, driving, or spending time with friends and family. They all become triggers. Addiction is persistent and rife in the life of an addict. Over time and through repetition, it seeps into every fiber of our being, and in every sense becomes us. It is pervasive and feeds on our experiences.

But the same forces that we see seemingly stacked against us – the forces of time and experience – can also be our greatest allies. A truly recovered addict will not tell you about the one particular day he or she suddenly recovered. Instead, you are likely to hear that to reach true freedom, it took time and experience.

That story is common to all who have committed to long-term extended treatment and fully recovered from addiction. It could be your story or a loved one’s story, if the current tale is one of drug abuse, addiction, and past failures or multiple relapses with conventional rehab programs.

90 Day Extended Treatment Programs Offer a Path Toward Total Freedom

At Serenity Vista, our programs are different – and that’s why they work. Our 90 day treatment programs offer a life transforming opportunity. We value the power of positive habits, and afford our guests a meaningful, mindful, and experiential recovery opportunity at our privately-owned rehabilitation retreat in Panama. We know that treating an all-pervasive addiction requires a whole life, holistic approach, and we offer a 360-degree life-transforming experience like no other. We understand that time is the essential element toward transformation, so in our array of intensive recovery programs, we provide individualized, long-stay programs including 60 day and 90 day treatment.

And Serenity Vista offers you one of the leading, highly rated rehab programs in the world. Click here to read a comprehensive independent review ranking Serenity Vista with 4 out of 5 stars as one of the top rehab facilities.

It’s Time for a Change

Time, as it’s been said, waits for no one. Eventually, everyone stops drinking or using. It is highly recommended that people stop before they are stopped by death. It’s your time for real life change. If you’re tired of spending time in an endless cycle of addiction, relapse, and pain, click here to learn about our recovery paradise in Panama and your path freedom.


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