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Serenity Vista Program Fees

We are upfront and transparent about all costs for treatment at Serenity Vista. There are no hidden charges.

Affordable Alcohol Treatment & Drug Rehab

Serenity Vista is a private, self-pay rehab facility. Our rates are relatively affordable in contrast to comparable quality rehabs in the US, Canada and Europe. Similar private rehabs in North American and Europe are about 3 times as costly. Your program in Panama is one of the best in the world, yet a fraction of most fees charged in the USA and across Canada. Our all-inclusive rates are less than many insurance policy co-pays and deductibles. All rates are per person, and all-inclusive (see below for details).

To connect with us about your program, please complete the Admission Inquiry Form. For information on travel or renewing your passport, click here. Getting to affordable alcohol treatment & drug rehab might be easier than you may think!

All Inclusive

Program fees include accommodation and all meals. All counseling and therapy sessions are covered.  Weekly massage, yoga, and use of spa and gym facilities are included. All recreational outings are part of the package. Travel to and from Serenity Vista is not covered. Once you arrive at Serenity Vista, your program is all covered. You will not be expected to pay for anything (see Policies for further information about what is and is not included).

Standard and Private Accommodation Options

  • Standard accommodation is spacious and shared. Separate accommodation by gender.
  • Private accommodation is an option, affording the extra privacy of your own private bedroom.

(see ‘Program Fees’ chart below)

Program Durations

Program stays are 45 days (1.5 months), 60 days (2 months), or 90 days (3 months).

The usual program is 45 days (1.5 months).

Longer is better. The best, optimal program for lifelong sobriety and serenity is 90 days (3 months).

Yellow Bird Fees Page

Program Fees

Standard                       USD                    *Special

45 days                        $13,050                    $

60 days                        $17,400                    $

90 days                        $26,100                   $


45 days                        $26,100                    $

60 days                        $34,800                    $

90 days                        $52,200                    $

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FACT: Most major treatment centers in North America SPEND MORE on marketing and referral fees per client than Serenity Vista charges per month for treatment.

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Financing Options

Financing ensures that you don’t delay your treatment. If costs are a current issue for you, consider these loan options.


Click here to apply for a Canadian Medicard loan for treatment at Serenity Vista:


Pre-approval is usually within minutes.

Click here to apply for MyTreatmentLender for treatment at Serenity Vista:





Click here for a personal loan with the LendingClub

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