Serenity Vista Policies

These Policies apply to the conditions and terms of the programs and services of Serenity Vista.

What’s included and what’s not

All rates are per person, and are all inclusive of accommodation, meals, full program including all counseling and therapy sessions, and weekly recreation outings, with the following limitations:

  • Weekly sessions of massage at the spa are included. Additional spa treatments such as acupuncture, facials, pedicures etc may be booked at the guest’s expense
  • Once weekly recreational outings are part of the program and are included. On some of those outings there will be time to stop at a local store should you need to purchase personal items such as toiletries
  • Guests are responsible for their own transportation costs to and from Serenity Vista
  • Serenity Vista is not a medical hospital facility. Should the need arise, guests are responsible for their own medical, dental or pharmaceutical costs (also see General Health below)


The program is for adults over the age of 18 years.

General Health

Guests must be generally healthy, physically and mentally, and fully responsible for your own health and care during your stay. Serenity Vista is not a medical hospital facility. If you are unsure of your suitability to attend the program, please consult your medical and/or mental health practitioner. If hospitalized detox is required, advise us and consult your physician. Guests are advised to review their medications prior to bringing them to Serenity Vista as some may not be compatible with addiction recovery. For those medications approved for the guest to continue during their stay at Serenity Vista, the guest should bring an adequate supply for the course of their stay at Serenity Vista.

COVID-19 Precautions

International travel requirements related to COVID are in a state of change. Click here for current requirements for travel to Panama.


Guests must be clean and sober upon arrival. Serenity Vista is not an acute care treatment or medical hospital facility providing primary initial stage addiction medical treatment. Please let us know if you believe detox is required, and consult your physician.

Use of alcohol or other drugs including nicotine, and other addictive behaviors

Serenity Vista is an abstinent based recovery environment supportive of healthy living clean and sober with complete abstinence from use of alcohol, tobacco products, or other mood altering drugs, or behaviors, such as excessive exercise, unhealthy dietary-related behaviors (e.g. binge eating, purging, laxative use, restricting food intake) and gambling. By attending Serenity Vista, you are indicating your commitment to complete abstinence from such drugs and behaviors. Use of such substances or behaviors will result in the guest being asked to leave with an applicable credit (see No Refund, Credit policy below).


Serenity Vista is a smoke free environment, supportive of a healthy life of recovery from all forms of mood altering or otherwise addictive drugs including nicotine. Please respect this in support of your own and fellow guests’ recovery and as a condition of your stay at Serenity Vista. For those guests participating in smoking cessation, it is recommended to bring a personal supply of topical nicotine patches.

Program compliance and general respect of others

Various sessions, activities and assignments are provided as part of the program at Serenity Vista. Participation and respectful behavior toward other guests and staff are expectations. Should there be any question or issue of level of participation or conduct of behavior, this will be addressed by staff. Disrespect for policies, group norms and standards of conduct may result in the guest being asked to leave.

Expectations and House Rules

Serenity Vista is a respectful recovery environment with expectations of healthy sober behavior and house rules. Please review these Expectations and House Rules prior to committing to send a loved one or personally attend Serenity Vista. They are designed to keep the recovery experience safe, respectful, and conducive to learning and practicing new behaviors you will experience during your recovery process. This is in support of each guest achieving their goal of a new healthy life of abstinence-based recovery. Continued stay at Serenity Vista is contingent upon demonstrated compliance with the content, spirit and direction from the staff as they apply to all policies, house rules and expectations. Behavior deemed by staff to be non-compliant with staff direction, policies, house rules or expectations may result in early departure from the program.


Your place in the program is confirmed with full non-refundable payment of the 45, 70 or 90 day program fee plus applicable tax. Payments are usually made by direct bank deposit or wire transfer. Full payment is required prior to commencing the program. Late fees will apply. All payments are final and non-transferable.

Serenity Vista is a private pay facility and does not work with or negotiate with any insurance company or any other third party. Should a guest choose to seek a claim on their own initiative with an insurance company, upon the guest’s request, Serenity Vista may agree to provide a receipt as proof of the client’s payment. Serenity Vista is not responsible for any decision, claim adjudication, process, form requirments or outcome of any such insurance company or any other third party.


Federal Panama tax (ITBMS) is 7% and is added to the charge.

No Refund, Credit policy

All deposits and payments are final and non-refundable, regardless of who funded the monies. Should a guest not attend or leave, for any reason, a non-transferable credit will be held for one year for the unused portion of the stay which may be applied once by the same guest toward application for a new, full program of equal duration or longer, but not less than 45 days, depending upon availability and meeting eligibility criteria. Ability to meet eligibility criteria is the discretion of the staff and include age, health, sobriety, ability to comply with policies, house rules, and expectations, and the absence of clients the guest had formally been at Serenity Vista with in the earlier program. An administrative fee will be applied for processing reapplication. Failure to complete a return visit will not result in any further credit.


All meals are included in your all inclusive fee. If you have any food allergies or intolerances, please inform our staff who will make every attempt to accommodate your needs. Guests are responsible for checking the contents and preparation of menu items where this is of grave personal concern.

Housekeeping service

You are expected to keep your room tidy. Housekeeping service is provided to maintain a clean environment. Sheets and towels will be changed every week.

Laundry service

Laundry facilities and detergent is available for your personal use.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Your personal privacy and confidentiality are strictly respected by Serenity Vista. All information pertaining to your stay at Serenity Vista and associated sessions will be kept strictly confidential. Staff will only exchange relevant clinical information with family members or other parties with your explicit written direction and consent in the form of a hand written Release of Information.

In respect of guests’ privacy and confidentiality, guests are not permitted to bring cameras or use other devices to take pictures during their stay.

Your contact information is not made available to any third party but may be used to inform you of recovery information and news about Serenity Vista that we think may be of interest and relevance to you. If you do not want to receive such information you will have an option to unsubscribe.

Serenity Vista respects your digital data. Please visit our Privacy Policy page for more information about our online practices.

Liability Waiver

You, the guest, are responsible for your own informed decision to enter into and thus fully participate in the Serenity Vista program and for your own personal and health care while at Serenity Vista. We accept no liability for any personal injury or loss, including insect, snake or animal bites, or death, during our programs or while being on or off our property, or illness directly or indirectly related to the program, property or activities. Such activities could include participating in horseback riding, hiking, swimming, golfing, yoga, rock climbing, zip lining, or engaging in other physical or recreational activities.

Prior to committing to sending someone or personally attending Serenity Vista, you are advised to review and acknowledge the acceptance of these policies by completing the SERENITY VISTA RELEASE FORM.