Serenity Vista Rehab Center House Rules

The following Serenity Vista rehab center rules are a supplement to the Expectations. They provide specific house rules of conduct that assist with compliance with the spirit of those expectations.

Tobacco/nicotine use
• Serenity Vista is a non-smoking/ nicotine product free program and property. Use of any nicotine containing product in any form during stay at Serenity Vista is not permitted (exception of topical patches)
• Nicotine use is an addiction: commitment to ongoing cessation is a pre-requisite of continued stay at Serenity Vista

Recovery is your focus
• Minimize use of electronics (limit to Sunday) e.g. cell phones, tablets, smart watches, mp3 players, laptops etc.
• Cameras are not permitted so as to protect the confidentiality of fellow guests
• No novels, magazines, puzzle books, films or sexually explicit material, print or online
• Respect others’ personal space and wear appropriate clothing
• Recommendations will be made for SV recovery films as per DVD library (see film assignments & check list)
• In bedroom by 9pm; lights out 11pm

Minimize outside distractions
• Frequent contact with family or loved ones is discouraged during your program
• You may make contact/calls after you have been in the program for at least one full week during self time on Sundays and keep them short to 15 minutes
• Computer use with internet via wifi is available – limit your computer use to self time on Sundays
• Stay close…we are here to support you. You are welcome to walk around the property and play with Ceiba. As a group, morning walk starts at 7am.

• Punctual participation in all sessions, activities, including the morning walk, and meals is expected unless there is a physical emergency
• No hats, chewing gum, food, drink, or other distractions during sessions

Household responsibilities
• Guests share responsibility for the dog’s exercise and well being; be consistent with her ‘rules’
• Cleaning up after yourself (tidy common room, keep bathroom clean by wiping counters and spills)
• Bedroom to be kept tidy and bed made daily. Personal laundry can be done after 3pm weekdays or on weekends
• Food to be eaten in kitchen and dining room only. No food in bedrooms or common areas
• No cooking
• Keep our home safe; e.g. no candles or open flames
• Respect privacy of John and Jane’s personal part of home, unless there is an emergency

I acknowledge having read and understood these House Rules. I understand that my compliance with all of these House Rules, along with complying with Serenity Vista Expectations and Policies, as determined by the judgment of the staff, is a condition of my continued stay at Serenity Vista. 

House Rules

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