What YOU can expect of US:

Serenity Vista team commits to:

  • Respect your privacy and confidentiality
  • Uphold relevant professional ethical codes of conduct and practice
  • Treat you with dignity, compassion and respect
  • Be open and honest in all communication; there will be no secrets
  • Act with integrity; do what we say / mean what we say
  • Live by the principles of the Twelve Steps and Traditions
  • Resolve conflicts fairly and promptly
  • Being client-centered: our goal is to act in your best interest according to your stated objectives and goals
  • Have faith and trust in your capacity for self-determination and personal growth
  • Treat you as our guest in our Home
  • Maintain professional ethical conduct and boundaries, respecting the counselor/client relationship on a professional, not friendship basis. Your counselors will not develop long term friendships or communications beyond the scope of their counseling role at Serenity Vista


What WE expect of YOU:*

To achieve your optimal personal growth toward YOUR goals, and to contribute to a mutually positive, nurturing Home environment, it is expected that during your stay you:

  • Make your recovery highest priority; this includes demonstrating a desire to fully participate in all aspects of the program and take direction from staff
  • Respect the confidentiality and anonymity of your fellow guests
  • NOT possess or use any mood-altering drugs including alcohol, narcotics, sedatives, non-prescription drugs etc. Disclose all medications brought to Serenity Vista to review suitability**
  • Consistently display respectful behavior which is peaceful, non violent, non abusive and non aggressive**
  • Keep your room tidy
  • Contribute to the care of Ceiba
  • NOT invite nor enter into romantic relationships ** (incl. being alone together or entering opposite sex’s bedroom)
  • Be punctual for scheduled sessions, activities, and meals, along with respecting TV, computer & phone guidelines
  • To work on assignments in a timely fashion
  • Look after your own laundry
  • Be open, honest and respectful
  • Raise questions & issues promptly, with a spirit of respect and cooperation, and participate in their resolution in a timely fashion
  • No smoking or use of any tobacco products (see House Rules for further details)

*Compliance in content and spirit are conditions of continued stay and being a part of the Serenity Vista program. Inappropriate, disruptive, or non-compliant behavior, as determined by the judgment or discretion of staff leadership may result in early dismissal and departure from the program. A stated desire by the guest to not comply and/or leave will be respected and the guest will be required to leave promptly
**Failure to comply will result in immediate departure from Serenity Vista without notice

I acknowledge having read and understood these Expectations. I understand their meaning and content, and that compliance in content and spirit with these Expectations, along with Serenity Vista House Rules, Serenity Vista Policies, and with related feedback and direction from staff are conditions of my continued stay at Serenity Vista.


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