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Typical Day At Serenity Vista Rehab Center

It is normal for someone considering rehab to wonder what a typical day looks like. Your program at Serenity Vista holistically addresses body, mind and spirit, and each day offers various opportunities to practice the  numerous tools you are learning to live a healthy sober life. Guests are not distracted by telephone calls or news or checking social media accounts. This temporary detachment from daily life concerns and pressures back home allows you to focus on what is really important – you and your recovery. Our program mirrors real life in the fact that we have a structure with scheduled daily sessions and events, but our recreational outing plans are individualized each week taking into consideration the interests and abilities of the guests and the weather. Saturday outings are a highlight of many guests’ experience. Here is what a general day, or week looks like:

Our Morning Agenda

Morning may begin with a backyard rooster crowing nearby at dawn, which is about 6:30 or so. First thing on the schedule is meeting with your fellow guests for a brisk walk through the neighborhood with Ceiba, our Chocolate Labrador Retriever. This neighborhood is full of astonishing views, bright flowers and clusters of indigenous children on their way to school. Breakfast is at 7:45, and our Venezuelan Chef, Asmi, will have a fruit smoothie ready to go with the Boquete homegrown coffee set for you at the table. Fresh fruit, eggs, muesli, Latin American specialties and whole grain breads are usual fare.

Twice Daily Sessions

After breakfast the first 2 hour session of the day begins at 8:30 a.m. led by one of our highly credentialed professional therapists. Three days a week, after morning session we head to the 12 Step Meeting Club House in the community for an English speaking AA meeting. On Mondays we go out for lunch with other 12 Step Recovery members. The other days we come back for Asmi’s delightful lunches at 12:30. There is a second 2 hour session in the afternoon. The sessions vary: Spiritual Exploration, Group Process, Integrity, Relationships and The Four Agreements led by one of our Professional Psychologists, CreArte (art therapy), Integrative Coaching & Drama Therapy, Healthy Self Esteem, Reclaiming Self Through Creativity, and Back to Basics Recovery. During the day there are opportunities for working on assignments, catching some hammock time, or playing with Ceiba.

Dinner At Serenity Vista Rehab

Meals are enjoyed family style around our large dining room table. Dinner is presented at 6 p.m., and it is always well received. Our chef specializes in Latin American cooking, with an international flair. Dessert is very often chocolate, and usually there is enough for ‘one more little bit’. After dinner, the guests usually gather to watch one of the dozens of recovery and spiritually based films and movies, and there is also time for working on assignments. One evening a week is dedicated to the guests sharing on relevant topics such as Nicotine Anonymous material, and discussions of the impact of tobacco use in people’s lives. 

Tuesday's Activities

Tuesdays is Spa Day, and after lunch, we head to the relaxing and gorgeous Haven Spa for weekly massage and yoga with Michael. There is time for the pool, the gym equipment, hot tub, and meditating outside on the lounge chairs with a glass of lemon water. The grounds are beautifully landscaped with gracious palms, bright bromeliads and gingers and an abundance of birds and butterflies. After this great afternoon, we head to our favorite restaurant for World Famous Fish Tacos, or whatever else appeals on menu board.

Saturday & Sunday

Saturdays are Recreation Day, and after breakfast, we head out for one of our many activities, and we have dinner in a nice restaurant afterwards. Sundays there is a session in the morning, and afternoons are time for connecting with family, relaxing, reading and working on assignments. You’ll have time for yourself, to go for a walk down by the river, or have a nap in a hammock overlooking beautiful gardens and tropical rainforest mountainsides.

This is a brief amalgamation of a typical day/week at Serenity Vista. Our comprehensive rehab program is individualized and catered to each individual, so if you are unable to perform certain activities, don’t be afraid to let us know.

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